Recommended introduction of ten NFT trading platforms worldwide

Recommended introduction of ten NFT trading platforms worldwide

What other categories are NFT? Intersection For reference only; recommend one: Opensea.

Opensea has a wealth of NFT categories, and it is divided into nine categories: art, music, domain names, virtual worlds, cards, collectibles, sports and functional assets.

The quantity officially exceeded $ 1 billion.

Name: OpenSea commission:%: Binance, Coinbase, Paradigm, Coatue Recommended 2: Niftygateway, was acquired by Gemini Gemini in 2019.

The creators have high requirements, creators need to submit applications, with short video introduction, and tied the projects in the middle and long -term goals.

Both NFT and secondary sales will charge 5%of sales costs. There are various auctions. Each auction is carefully planned and even has different themes. Even the auction system is common: public bidding, silent bidding, drawing, random gift package, and open version. In terms of NiftyGateway, in addition to the Crypto, it also provides a French buying NFT service. Users can buy NFT directly by credit cards or cards, and directly redeem the sale interests to the bank account. However, the current Niftygateway only allows American users to withdraw legal goods. Name: Niftygateway commission: 5%: Boostvc Recommended 3: Superrare, one of the earliest nFTs.


Name: Superrare commission: 15%: 1confirmation, Velvetseaventures, Samsungnext Recommendation 4: Foundation, the generated works will also be released on OpenSea. Whenever the 50 artists, whenever they successfully sell an original work, they will get two invitation places, which can invite newcomers to settle in. Create NFT.

In terms of Foundation’s artist users set the base price of NFT works. After the first bid, the work will automatically start a 24 -hour limited time auction. As of January 10, 2022, the amount of the NFT of Foundation reached 50, name: Foundation commission: 15%Recommended 5: Makersplace value the quality of encrypted art, so it will make fingerprints and fingerprints for artists or creators NFT works and fingerprints. Digital signing to prove the identity and source of the work.

Provide digital wallets to store works for creators. In addition to Ethereum, credit cards and PayPal payments are currently accepted. Name: Makersplace commission: 15%: BessemerventurePartners, Panteracapital, UNCORKAPITAL Recommended 6: WENEW. The system includes smart ticketing modules, ticket modules, smart voting modules, fan participation modules, digital collectible modules, etc.

The security and transparency of the solution is combined with the scalability and compliance of the enterprise application.

The organizer can issue NFT tickets with one click, and users such as fans and fans can safely purchase, store, transmit, and sell NFT tickets. This controls the entire life cycle of the ticket, the use of smart contracts provides the function of issuing, sales and verification for the ticket certificate, and also specifies the rules of resale. Ensure the security of the ticket, effectively resist the attack of the hacker, effectively avoid AI tickets for scaling and scams to sell deception, and provide users with security guarantees.

Name: WeeNew commissions: 5%: firstoperation, TBGCapital, BlockDomain Recommended 7: Image works on Asyncart are not simply static pictures, but consisting of Master layer and multiple layers. The display and setting of the layer. In other words, works will continue to evolve over time. Low commission is also one of the reasons for running. Asyncart charges 10%of the first sales, and the second sales are only 1%. Name: Asyncart commission: 10%: Lemniscap, GalaxyInteractive Recommended 8: Zora, specifically providing limited NFT products and works. There is a established rule. Each newly joined artist has three invitation places to invite other friends or artists. Name: Zora commission: None: Coinfund, Venrock, 1KX Recommended Nine: Rariblerri, allowing users to participate in the NFT of Development Decisions.


The amount is US $ 100 million. Name: Rarible commission:%: Coinfund, Venrock, 1KX Recommended Ten: New NFT created by Magiceden, which can be purchased, sold and cast NFT.

The amount of monthly users is half of Opensea, but the daily amount is 2 to 3 times higher. In addition, the 0%listing fee and 2%fee have reduced the threshold of NFT buyers and creators. Name: Magiceden commission: Unrelated keyword:.