Why should jujube core stuck the esophagus?

Why should jujube core stuck the esophagus?

  The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, and various flavors of rice dumplings have appeared in major supermarkets.

Eating dumplings in the Dragon Boat Festival is the traditional custom of my country. Among them, the dumplings of jujube filling are one of the classic formulas.

The sweet jujube with soft flavor glutinous rice, and the fragrance of rice leaves, the taste is wonderful. However, if you accidentally swallow the jujube core and stuck the esophagus, please go to the hospital in time. Doctors may have to take out foreign objects for patients with general anesthesia.

Some patients have some resistance to all the numbness, but this is necessary, let’s talk about the reason below. The two ends of the dates are very sharp, and the human throat and esophagus are soft. The state of stuck jujube is basically stunned in the esophagus wall and across the esophagus.

If you try to squeeze the dates down with other foods such as swallowing buns and rice, it is likely to deepen and stretch the scars of the esophagus.

Therefore, it is recommended that patients with a jujube core stuck in the esophagus rush to the hospital as soon as possible, and take it out of the doctor of the Department of ENT or Gastrointestinal Medicine. Why does the jujube nucleus need to be anesthesia? For example, everyone who has done ordinary gastroscopy or laryngeal mirror knows that when the mirror body passes through the throat, there will be a strong sense of nausea and vomiting. damage.

In addition, there are many important large blood vessels near the esophagus. The lower part is approaching the heart. If the dates are pierced to penetrate the esophagus and hurt the large heart blood vessels, major bleeding will occur and even life -threatening. Therefore, in order to ensure the safe and stable process of removing foreign bodies, patients need to accept general anesthesia. Before anesthesia, patients should fast for 8 hours to ensure the stomach empty. This can reduce the risk of food residues in the stomach in the stomach after full anesthesia and the risk of pneumonia into the trachea. In the process of conventional anesthesia, anesthesia doctors will connect blood pressure, electrocardiogram, and finger oxygen (wearing a small silicone sleeve on the fingers), and then wear oxygen masks to inhale oxygen. Patients need to take a few deep breaths to ensure that there is a relatively high concentration of oxygen in the lungs.

At this time, the anesthesiologist gives the anesthetic by infusion. After the anesthetic takes effect, the doctor can start operating the jujube nucleus.

  If the jujube nucleus does not stab the esophagus or stomach, the patient wakes up for two hours and wait for the swallowing function to be completely recovered. There is no obvious nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. Mainly liquid food to avoid re -bleeding from food heat and strong; if the damage is severe, you need to be hospitalized to observe, or oral antibiotics and hemostatic drugs.

  The festival is approaching. It is recommended that you pay attention to safety when you include rice dumplings and remove the jujube nucleus in advance.

If you buy rice dumplings outside, you should chew slowly when eating to avoid foreign bodies such as jujube nucleus invading the esophagus and airway.

(Duan Yi, anesthesiologist at Tsinghua Chang Gung Hospital, Tsinghua University).