"Luyi Spirit in Liaoning" is published and issued

"Luyi Spirit in Liaoning" is published and issued

  Xinhuanet, Shenyang, May 28 (Reporter Jiang Zhaochen) After more than a year of collecting materials and field interviews, the book "Luyi Spirit in Liaoning" written by the Liaoning Provincial Institute of Culture and Art is recently. Recently, Liaoning People’s Publishing House Published. As a comprehensive art school founded by the Communist Party of China during the Yan’an period, Lu Xun Art Literature Institute closely cooperated with the party’s central work, and created a performance performance such as the opera "White Hair Girl", the song "Nanni Bay", the Yang opera "Brothers and Sisters" and so on. A large number of outstanding literary and artistic works that are loved by the people have emerged with a large number of literary backbones that are active on the anti -Japanese front, and have made outstanding historical achievements for the victory of the Anti -Japanese War.

  After the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan, due to the needs of the revolution, "Lu Yi" set off from Yan’an and came to the northeast to take root and continue to carry out revolutionary art activities such as creation and performance. During this period, it was called "Northeast Luyi". "Northeast Luyi" also made important contributions during the war of liberation, especially the Northeast "land reform" period. From then on, Yan’an’s "Luyi Spirit" has been inspired by generations of literary workers to join the creative practice. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the "Northeast Luyi" was adapted and successively created the Northeast Music College and the Northeast Fine Arts School. Some of the "Northeast Luyi" drama workers joined the Northeast People’s Art Theater. Since then, these colleges and theaters have been expanded into Shenyang Conservatory of Music, Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, and Liaoning People’s Art Theater on the basis of their original basis.

  With the strong support of the Propaganda Department of the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Liaoning Provincial Cultural Group, the Liaoning Provincial Institute of Culture and Arts has specially planned the writing and publishing work of "Luyi Spirit in Liaoning". In order to better write the book "The Spirit of Lu Yi in Liaoning", the creative team invited experts such as Ji Xiaohua, Shenyang Conservatory of Music, Researcher Wang Hong, Shenyang Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, and researcher Bai Changqing of Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences to hold lectures.

He also went to Liaoning People’s Art Theater, Shenyang Conservatory of Music, Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, Liaoning Writers Association and other units to find information. At the same time, the writing group also went to the former site of the Lu Xun Academy of Arts to investigate and investigate, conduct oral records of old artists, and fully understand the history of "Lu Yi".

  "Lu Yi Spirit in Liaoning" 400,000 words and 200 pictures.

After the book focuses on the victory of the Anti -Japanese War in 1945, Yan’an Luyi moved to a period of history to collect and organize a period of history after the movement of the Northeast to run school. A series of historical development and evolution, comprehensively summarized the achievements of "Lu Yi" in Liaoning, and analyzed and discussed the representative works of artists who inherited the "Lu Yi" spirit in Liaoning.

This book is not only a systematic sorting out of the experience of "Luyi", but also a concentrated research and discussion of the dissemination and inheritance of the "Luyi Spirit" in Liaoning’s art business. +1.