The "Industrial Internet" becomes the hot word of the two sessions to promote the development of the digital development of the textile industry

The "Industrial Internet" becomes the hot word of the two sessions to promote the development of the digital development of the textile industry

Work report; developed the Industrial Internet Platform in 2018; in 2019 to build an industrial Internet platform, expand intelligent ﹢, and empower the transformation and upgrade of the manufacturing industry; develop the Industrial Internet in 2020 and promote intelligent manufacturing; A total of technology R & D counters to enhance the innovation capabilities and professional water of SMEs; in this year’s work report, it is proposed to accelerate the development of the industrial Internet, cultivate and strengthen digital industries such as integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, and enhance key software and hardware technology innovation and supply capabilities.

As the world’s largest textile producer, consumer countries, and exporters, the textile and apparel industry is an important pillar industry in my country’s national economy. It plays an important role in maintaining balance of income and expenditure, prosperous markets, and attracting employment.

The digital intelligence capabilities and water of the textile and clothing industry have gradually become the core driver of industrial transformation and upgrading. It is an important factor in promoting its high -speed and efficient growth.

The textile and apparel industry unicorned animal company to the scenery technology, based on the new generation of information technology such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing, focusing on the textile industry Internet as the main line, empowering traditional industries transformation and upgrading, integrating resources in all aspects, breaking the form of old traditional manufacturing, and becoming a form of traditional manufacturing forms. Leading industry signs. Zhijing Technology covers the upper, middle -down and downstream industrial chain from raw materials to finished products and clothing manufacturing, and connects the entire industrial chain link to help it reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Among them, Baibu cuts from the circulation of finished cloth, connects a group of business and downstream small and medium -sized clothing manufacturers, and simplifies the process of finding cloth to solve the problem of finding cloth difficulties; The +SaaS system created by the SaaS system can quickly empower the weaving, printing and dyeing and other links, and use the AI ??-driven weaving factories to reduce the cost and increase efficiency, and promote the intelligent transformation of the textile and apparel industry.

Tiantong is flexible and efficiently organized and produced. One -stop type provides clothing brands with soft supply chain services from design to playing, large goods production, and promoting textile clothing and fast -moving capacity.

The number of households exceeds 200,000, of which 10,000 companies above designated size; the main business income of textile enterprises in the industrial cluster area accounts for more than 45%of the national textile industry’s main business income, the cluster economy has become an important part of the textile industry; The number of employment in the industry exceeds 8 million; the textile industry cluster plays an important role in steady growth and employment. Clusters of textile industry bases, fabric cities, knitted cities, and sweater town are also distributed in various parts of the country.


Through one -stop and intensive production design services, the overall efficiency and speed of the textile and apparel supply chain are improved, the digital transformation solutions of cluster are formed, and the Guangzhou textile and clothing industry will be transformed into a soft customization and small single -way anti -mode.

According to reports, the cluster has the characteristics of fast, good, provincial and other characteristics. The clothing version and production are inseparable from the procurement of fabrics. Relying on the advantages of the supply chain accumulated in the field of fabric circulation for many years, the rapid matching of fabrics, realizing the fabrics, and realizing the rapid matching of the fabrics, and achieving the rapid matching of the fabrics, and the rapid matching of the fabrics. Concentrated procurement can greatly reduce the cost of procurement of user ground material and improve the timeliness of procurement. Starting the Scenic Textile Intelligence Park, the spinning intelligence manufacturing is the leading industry, and the green park is established. It also cooperates with Xinjiang Aksu Textile Industry City (Development Zone) Management Committee to position Xinjiang’s largest textile industrial chain park. By integrating the technical advantages of Jingjing Technology, the various resource advantages of the industrial chain, and the advantages of regional resource, the complete industrial chain from raw materials to production, manufacturing and sales, and promoting the clusterization and digital intelligence development of the regional textile industry. The development of Taiwanization and clusterization has also become an important direction for the transformation and upgrading of my country’s textile and clothing industry. Editor in charge: KJ005.