Create a shameful waste savings proud atmosphere (Jintai line of sight) in the whole society

  "Catering waste, shocking, sad!" Xi Jinping, general secretary recently made important instructions to stop acts of catering waste, pointed out the need to strengthen legislation, strengthen supervision, to take effective measures to establish long-term mechanism, and resolutely stop the behavior catering waste, stressed the need to further strengthen publicity and education, and effectively cultivate the habit of saving, in the whole society to create a shameful waste, save pride atmosphere. "Static to self-cultivation, frugal and Germany to support." In traditional Chinese culture, hard work, thrift and not just the daily life habits, but also the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. After decades of rapid development, my country’s continuous development of social productive forces, the increasingly rich material, a general increase in people’s income. Economic development, increase revenue, but the hard work, thrift "heirloom" can not lose. Since the party of eighteen, from resolutely straighten out "wasted tongue", "table wine entertainment" and other outstanding problems cadres and the masses hated, to develop "party and government organs austerity combat waste regulations" from the start frugal and Germany to support National saving action, develop a healthy and civilized lifestyle, to launch a "CD action", cultivate new wind table, the party and the government has been advocating "strict economy and combat waste."

  At the same time, we must clearly see that in real life, a waste of behavior still exists. In the hotel restaurant, diners have been scattered, food untouched phenomenon is still rare; in the various banquets, the "To face" always stronger than the "belly", large quantities of food are thrown into the trash; in just the rise of the live line of business "eat broadcast" "big eaters" and other alternative attract a large number of fans live, eat, the more surprising the more able to attract the attention of the audience.

These waste, clearly at variance with what we advocate frugal culture. There are many causes of waste. Some are not 上海高端喝茶会所论坛 conservation awareness; some are blind competition, on ceremony; what is more, there is "I spent the money, I would be happy to waste and the" wrong ideas.

Ancient saying: "by the extravagance, from luxury to economy.

"If allowed to become over-consumption lifestyle, extravagant comparisons of adverse winds will gradually spread in the whole society, it is bound to affect the development 上海油压398飞机 of society.

  Shameful waste, saving society as a whole should be proud of the values ??pursued.

No matter what the level of our national development, improving people’s lives and to what extent, hard work, thrift fine tradition will never be lost, we must resolutely stop the behavior catering waste, effectively cultivate the habit of saving.

To take effective measures to establish long-term mechanism to stop catering waste, extravagance and waste purification, soil ideological competition extravagant show off their wealth, so thrift internalized in the heart, outside of the line. (Editor: Jiang fruit, Yang Xiaonuo).


Changchun City Innovation Financing Service Helps Pu Hui Finance

It is worth paying attention to the "living mortgage" financing products in Jilin Bank, focusing on insurance improving schemes.


Insurance increase is an important business content of the insurance institution.

It has a lot of forms, such as direct insurance for loan compliance, or property insurance for the collateral involved in the loan project, which is greatly helpful for solving the loan threshold and the problem of loans.

At present, Changchun City already has a number of banks involved in this area. As of the end of June, the living mortgage loans of the city have been accumulated by hundreds of millions of dollars, which has increased by 100 million yuan in early year.

On the one hand, Changchun City has a new agricultural financial product to solve the financing problem of farmers; on the other 上海虹口品茶hand, it is also actively thinking about the difficulty of resolving development. Gu Xiao, the financial person in 上海419论坛 charge of Jinmate Folk Food Co., Ltd., Jilin Province, said that due to the influence of the epidemic, the sales volume of the company has fallen sharply, and it is unable to pay the supplier’s goods.

Through Changchun Rural Commercial Bank "micro-loan work", they found out.

Gu Xiao: A total of 29 million loans through the "micro-loan workshop", and the loan speed is particularly fast, only three or four days.

With this loan spent this difficulty.


App revision from really happy to see the new trend of new retail Internet

In the survey, please wait. If no response for a long time, please refresh the page after this era epidemic, support the growth of consumer upgrades become a retail force new cycle. With bottomed out in October National Day of consumption, domestic consumer demand to further rise, retail contrarian growth. Recently, the United States moves frequently, from hosting major shareholder of strategic assets, to build a full retail eco-sharing platform, to "really happy" App revision trial operation, to create "buy" + "music" two sections. Along with the continuous development of Internet electric business, the retail model reshaped the three elements of "people, goods, field", also continue to promote the advantages of combination of online and offline, to create a more efficient retail, which will also be an important new mission retail . In fact, as early as 2017 the United States on insight into the arrival of the new era of the full retail scene, focusing the user opens the family needs "home-life" strategy to expand the service areas of living family.

2021, entered a new stage of full development of the United States, through the ‘online and offline, supply chain, logistics, big data / cloud sharing and build a "six platform to build, to build a full retail eco-sharing platform.

  "The formation of the three focus: First, deep focus ‘home life’ market track; the second is to create a retail focus depth of integration of online and offline, home services; third is focused to build events, features list social platform entertainment content. "Fang Wei, vice president of Gome retail said. "Really happy" App is the first main battlefield of the United States retail, but also Lazi with entertainment strategy key technology and wisdom to create, but also the United States opened the first promoter of entertainment retail strategy, will also become a "family life" strategy upgrade backbone and pioneer.

  At present, the double loop as the background, the State made a number of excellent supply, the policy of expanding domestic demand. "In the face of retail structure under the new spending, new retail, new trends, it is the revision to upgrade and support policies favorable under the new leap in consumption and quality and upgrade background.

"Zhang Lijun, vice president of the China Chamber of Commerce said.

  Gome founder Huang Guangyu to reports, the new version of App should "professional buyers" good in a greater range of applications, platforms provide consumers and businesses with the success of the "professional buyers."

Music and fully integrated shopping, is "selling entertainment, entertainment, buy and share music" entertainment marketing model, relying on professional management of goods and services, to win the trust of consumers, the integration of marketing and entertainment by the whole scene, to enhance the consumer shopping experience and engagement. Under the information, intelligence technology evolution, new retail formats, the new model colorful, traditional retailers are upgrading in the direction of the smart retail replacement.

Executive vice president of the company really happy Ding Wei mentioned revision upgrade upgrade and purchase the music that is unveiled.

Around the "purchase", the application will elect a real selected goods in the mass of the whole category 宝山区419会所电话 of goods, the realization of the commodity upgrading; in order to protect the life cycle ticket goods, "really happy" strict choose the right shop, get through the whole link services, and service upgrades. Regulate the development of professional buyers, the retail industry upgrade requirements.

"Really happy" APP Chamber of Commerce and the Chinese leadership, open 10 brand representatives to develop "retail buyers choose products specifications" community standards, it will be the retail industry in the new market environment and technological conditions, a new urge buyers format specification standards of healthy development.

  "Add a guarantee for the sustainable development of the retail industry, is also looking forward to a good product, good service as the focus,上海贵族宝贝交流 improve the consumption environment, improve the user experience of consumption, to better serve Chinese family a better life, in order to promote domestic consumption of large circulation, promote economic development .

"Zhang Lijun said new entertainment era in which the moment, whether it is entertainment or fashion, are being remodeling. In the context of upgrading and economic era of digital consumer, to 90, to 00 after the new generation represented by the rapid rise began a new generation of mainstream consumer groups.

Their demand for more diversified entertainment content, personalized, prefer tailored to meet the unique needs of their own culture and entertainment products.

  In order to better fit the new entertainment era of youthful change, the new version of the application 上海龙凤网工作室 is re-build a new entertainment landscape, pushing the "music of the upgrade," and select the "match" this form. Ding Wei introduced, race, way of life is also the way of life. Do social entertainment / events / content platform, Handicap easier to initiate, broader participation, more sharing, wonderful start to a better life, achieve spiritual upgrade of the masses. In the upcoming "Double 11" Shopping Festival, "true happiness" will join the industry, the brand side, consumers, share and build more comprehensive "real election" "carefully selected" system, upgrading the quality of shopping ecosystem, meet people aspiration and demand a better life.

More experience, users will see. (Reporter Li Zheng Wei).


Cangzhou City set off a new round of major project 松江区松东路叫小妹 construction boom

In order to speed up the construction of the high-quality development demonstration zone of the Cangzhou Revolutionary Old District, promote the high quality leap of economic and social society, on October 8, Zhangzhou City held a major project construction 100-day mobilization to deployment meeting, launched major project construction "eight batches "One hundred days of attacking activities.

Since the event, it has been pressing all over the world, quickly set off a new round of project construction boom.

In Longnan County, Yida New Materials (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd. project is an example of merchants in business. It is the model of the Longan Optimization Business Environment Efficient Promotion Project Construction, from obtaining investment information to settlement to pay for only 15 days. The project has overcome the unfavorable factors such as Guangdong epidemics, the rainy season, geological conditions such as the southern rainy season, less than one month, and is expected to complete the equipment installation and enter the test production at the end of December. Implement the introduction of the year, it was put into production in the same year.

In Nankang District, Gree Electric (Cangzhou) Intelligent Manufacturing Base settled on July 10, 2020 (Nankang), a 15th, Zhuhai Gree Electric Co., Ltd., is the 15th Production base.

The project covers an area of ??about 3,000 mu, with a total investment of about 12 billion yuan, mainly including air-conditioning production projects, household appliances, regenerative resource projects.

The first phase of the air-conditioned production project covered by approximately 1,500 mu, integrating R & D, production, sales, service, and plans to put into production before the end of 2021, after the birth of the standard, the air conditioner is 3 million, the output value exceeds 10 billion yuan , Provide an employment position of more than 3,000 people.

At present, the main body of the project Gree Technology Exhibition Center, the decoration has been completed, office buildings, dormitory, and factory buildings are being advanced.

The landing of the project marks a significant breakthrough in the 上海桑拿品茶 national strategy of the "Jiangxi Inland Open Economic Test Area", which opened the world’s 500-top production enterprises to invest in Zhangzhou, investing in Jiangxi, will promote Nankang. From the "single core" of the furniture to the "three-core era" of the "home appliance + furniture + home improvement", accelerate the short board for the advanced manufacturing industry in Jiangxi, and insert the high-quality development demonstration zone for the establishment of the revolutionary old district of Zhangzhou. The wings of it.

In the county area, in recent years, local promotion in the construction of Zhangzhou Dilute Jinke Chuangcheng, in the construction of the scientific and technological innovation platform, introduced the research institute and other research institutions 上海喝茶最新联系方式 such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the National Rare Earth Function Material Innovation Center, Accelerate technology, talents, information, capital and other innovation elements, to the Coaganda City, focus on building regional collaboration, providing strong support for accelerating the high-quality development demonstration zone leapfrog development in the High Quality Development Demonstration Zone of Zhangzhou Revolutionary Areas. At present, the first phase of the Jiangsu Innovation Research Institute has delivered the use, and the construction of comprehensive urban community projects such as the Dilute Jinke Chuangcheng School, the Hospital, and the Convenience Service Center is accelerating, and has become a new "Phoenix Nest" of Zhangzhou recruitment.


Double 11 first wave express peak strike! Are you willing to use the express delivery box to change eggs?

From now on, this year’s double 11 parcel began to ship, the express logistics industry officially ushered in the year peak. This year, 60,000 rookie stations issued 7.5 million eggs incentive packaging, 10,000 rookie station pilot project, the rookie also launched "personal reduction of carbon bills", joint media and society jointly launched "green partners" action, The biggest range encourages and promotes express packaging and recycling green recycling into a social new style. In the automation of the Shanghai Jiading Rookie Logistics Park, the sorting package is running high speed on the pipeline as in the past day, and the power is not from traditional energy power generation, but from the "green roof" of the park warehouse – solar photovoltaic power generation system.

During the double 11, the six rookie logistics parks in Shanghai Jiading, Wuhan Jiangxia and Huangqi, Dongguan Qingxi, Hangzhou Xiasha and other places were all used clean energy power generation. Take Shanghai Jiading Vegetable Bird Park as an example. In the past year, the total power generation capacity has reached 3.3 million. If the coal is large, the resulting carbon dioxide requires 480 trees to absorb 1 year. Today, Jiading Park not only has achieved self-sufficiency, but also transports 1 million green electricity for Shanghai municipal power grid every year.

Double 11 generated weather delivery, is accelerating to consumers, and the rookie digitally learned logistics technology is also changing every part of the express delivery. From the package delivery, transfers to the transportation, a green logistics full chain The road has been formed.

According to carbon management institutions, if a package can be completely rookie green logistics full link to reduce carbon more than 1000 grams, which will not have the credit of green logistics technology. In the past year, the full link of rookie green logistics has produced 19.4 billion green logistics behavior, with a total of 250,000 tons of carbon. As one of the Internet core technologies, RFID enters the field of logistics, and has gradually 阿拉爱上海同城对对碰论坛 replaced the product barcode, bringing new technological applications for existing logistics processes. The Shanghai Jiading Cat Warehouse in the Rookie Service has launched the logistics cycle of RFID technology, according to the management of the management personnel, according to the management personnel in the HK, the double 11 period, the monthly duty cycle box is more than 50,000. It has replaced carton and plastic packing of more than 200,000 per day. Located in the Hangzhou Qiantang Industrial Park, the staff is skilled in order to use the recycled carton delivery. On the day of work, each recycling box will be clearer record.

At present, the rookie teamed up to Tmall supermarket and other promotion original box shipments and recycled cartons delivery, and 70% of parcel delivery no longer used new cartons. The 娱乐地图ylmap rookie smart packing algorithm in the warehouse is as quiet as usual, and it can be used directly by box-type optimization technology. Green distribution is also the key link of rookie green logistics. During the double 11, more than 200 colleges in 70 cities across the country will land 350 rookie unmanned car Xiaoman. Compared to traditional fuel cars, rookie drones, small barbaries, electricity, charge 4 degrees can run 100 kilometers, and the rookie logistics path planning algorithm can also choose the optimal distribution route in delivery, effectively reduce carbon emissions. During the double 11, the rookie global parcel network is expected to reduce nearly 20 million end distribution through intelligent form technology. Taking German area as an example. If consumer 5 packages can complete the orders, it can reduce the end of the end of the single package. About 80% of carbon emissions in distribution.

In order to call on consumers to participate in express packaging recycling, the rookie Joint Tmall is newly laid in the green recycling box, and 500,000 fresh eggs are also prepared every day from November 1st to 15th, and the environmental protection population of the recycling express box is given.

In addition, 10,000 vegetable birds in 20 cities across the country will also try "old packaging cycle mail" and running circulation.

Express packaging recycling requires the most wide-level social participation, green low-carbon, green recycling also should be a new social wind direction.

In order to promote consumers, the rookie has also launched a new feature in recent days – consumers can search for "express packaging recycling" in Hand Tao, Rookie App Recycling "to join the double 11 green interactive page, in addition to participating" express packaging recycling Eggs "activities, you can also check the individual’s" green logistics footprint "since November 1, 2020, and become a" green partner ". (Reporter Jin Zhigang).


Effectively unify thoughts and actions to party central decision-making deployment to unite the majority of employees to promote high quality development contribution efforts

This newspaper Beijing December 10 (Reporter Zheng Li Zhu Xin) The National Bureau of China held a (expanded) meeting to convey the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference today. The meeting emphasized that the comrades of Wang Dongming should be implemented, in accordance with Xi Jinping’s new era, the socialist thinking is guided by the Chinese characteristic socialist thinking, fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Central Committee of the Party, and earnestly put the ideas and actions to the party’s central decision-making and deployment, dare to As a result, it is good at acting as the majority of employees to promote the intelligence and strength of high quality development.

The General Party Secretary, Vice-Chairman, the Secretary of the Secretary Chen Gang, presided over the meeting and speaking. The meeting first conveyed the specific deployment of the Important Speech Spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping in the Central Economic Work Conference and the specific deployment made by Li Keqiang.

The meeting pointed out that this Central Economic Work Conference is an important meeting of the Central Committee of the 19th Central Committee of the Party.

The important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping has been invested in the economic and social development of economic and social development in the next year. The full sum of the unions should conscientiously study the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference as the current important political task, profoundly understand the new major achievements made in my country’s economic and social development this year, and have a wide and deep publicity to the majority of employees, and further firm confidence is determined. Draw your strength. It is necessary to understand the scientific judgment of Xi Xi Ping on the domestic international economic situation, fully implement the overall requirements of the next year’s economic work, accurately grasp the policy orientation of the next year’s economic work, and find the entrance point of the trade union work service economic and social development, put the party The key tasks identified by the central government run through all aspects of the trade union work.

The meeting emphasized that 2022 is the year of the 20th National Congress, which is an important year to implement the "14th Five-Year Plan". It is necessary to firmly grasp the theme of my country’s industrial and transportation, focusing on economic and social development goals, and unity and mobilization of employees to promote the implementation of "14th Five-Year Plan".

It is necessary to strengthen the ideological and political leadership of employees, and insist on leading the majority of employees with the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xinping, in-depth study education, and promote the party’s innovation theory to approach the employee, walk into the hearts of employees. To build a platform for employees, provide a stage, wide-in-depth long-lasting, "Jian Gong ’14th Five-Year", the new journey "theme labor and skill competition, deepen the mass innovation activities, vigorously promote the spirit of labor, labor, craftsman, the biggest Limited to release the majority of employees to create potential, innovative vitality. We must promote the implementation of the key tasks of the construction of the industry worker team building and promoting the leadership of the ideological leadership, the promotion, the quality improvement, the status increase, the team’s growth and other key tasks are implemented.

The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to correctly understand and grasp the strategic objectives and practical ways to achieve common prosperity, 上海现在哪里有油压 adhere to the work orientation of employees, and perform basic responsibilities of the rights protection services, vigorously safeguard employee labor economy rights, and do new employment form workers to protect the rights service Continue to enhance the quality of employees, and vigorously build a harmonious labor relationship, and put "five resolute" requirements to practice, and earnestly enhance the sense 上海妹子自荐 of happiness of the majority of employees.

It is necessary to deepen the reform and innovation of the trade union system. The blade will promote its own reform, strengthen industry union work, and consolidate the grassroots foundation of the trade union, promote the construction of the trade union system, and continue to improve the political judgment of party members and cadres of trade union system, political understanding, political execution, political implementation Strive to promote the high quality development of union work, and meet the party’s 20 victories in excellent results. Comrades of the All-General Party Group; the relevant responsible comrades of the National Supervision and Supervision Group of the National Supervision and Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, the national industrial trade union, all sectors and the main parties of the Beijing directly underground units participated in the meeting.

Before the meeting, the whole party group held a work-study, studying the main ideas and key tasks of planning the work of 2022 union.


Guizhou farm carries "three based" do practical resolution of the staff of the staff "urgent expensive"

Guizhou farmlowers fully exert the role of local finance, vigorously develop praise finance, and effectively solve people’s livelihood needs. The province has cooperated with government departments such as government service centers and social security agencies to conduct comprehensive transformation and upgrading of "rural villages", rich site finance, government affairs, life, party construction, etc., provide one-stop for the people. All-round integrated convenience benefit people service, let the people run less running, and effectively enhance the masses to gain feelings.

As of the end of September, the province set up 15,634 Puhui financial services, and completed the transformation and upgrading of 9,250. Widely 上海品茶论坛sn carry out mobile financial services, make full use of "mobile exhibition industry" and "Helping Agricultural Decentralization Active Service Station", extend the counter to the remote village, solve the problem of financial services in the face of the people in the remote villages, so that the masses can enjoy convenient finance Service

In order to fully understand the financial needs of the masses, the Provincial Association formulates the five-year action guidance of Pu Hui Daguan, carrying out the customer’s Pu Hui Daguan in the province’s rural credit, allows employees to take the village, collect demand, combined with the actual launch, line Sign up and other business, simplify the procedures for running; at the same time, we will fully use the "mobile exhibition industry" platform 上海水磨上海足疗 to provide social security card issuance, account maintenance and other services, and send financial services to the door of the masses. As of now, we will have thousands of business, visit 10,000 households. The Provincial Association has developed the guidance of the follow-up financial services of rural credit cooperatives, and continued to consolidate the results of continuous financial services to improve the lifelong poverty alleviation. Since the study of party history, all provinces have actively fulfilled social responsibility and social responsibility, give full play to party building and organizational advantages, organize party members and cadres employees voluntarily purchase poverty alleviation agricultural products, promote social love, help, help, poverty alleviation, this year Purchase, "Sannong Yun" 爱上海419油压论坛 online platform and cadre employee voluntary purchase, etc. 20 public welfare projects such as educational facilities, industrial construction, and rural infrastructure, funded by 20.93 million yuan, benefiting 12 municipalities in the province, more than 180,000 counties (districts).

In order to solve outdoor workers, drinking water is difficult, hot rice is difficult, difficult to stop, such as people’s livelihood problems such as toilet, all banks continue to improve outdoor laborer service station service facilities, optimize service functions, and 710 outdoor laborer service stations that have been built Regular tracking management, the 28 service stations are created as provincial demonstration points to provide drinking water, rest, and soilers such as sanitation workers, couriers and other outdoor laborers.

(Li Xiun) (Editor: Li Yongxin (internship), Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see recommendation reading.


A batch of application rented projects such as Shicha Sea Film Area will start

On December 13th, the reporter learned from the 上海徐汇桑拿哪家好 two sessions of Xicheng District. In 2022, the West is planned to promote 21 strekdrops protection and update projects, with Shicha Sea Fragrance Area, "South Central Axis" Guanyin Temple District, Tianqiao District is focusing, launched a batch of applications Renting project.

Zhuzhou, deputy director of the Housing City Construction Committee of Xicheng District, 2022 West City plans to promote 21 strekdrops protection and update projects, with Shicha Sea Sili Area, "Nankong Axis" Guanyin Temple District, Tianqiao District is focusing, launched a batch of applications Rent project.

In accordance with the "five years, no less than 5,000 households", overtield all aspects of funds, housing, etc., ripe, and promote a batch.

Fully promote the renovation of the old community,上海品茶论坛高端 planned newly declared 36 communities, 6,500 houses, about 10,000 square meters, until 2025, basically completed the urban property rights of the urban property rights built before the end of 2000. The 20-way area is a simple building that is not started with public housing, according to the principle of "willingness to", first come first served "principle, refer to the application retrieval mode.

Continuously promote the work of the old building, 2025 years ago, the plan is not less than 15 per year, and gives the residents to reach a unified advice, and the elevator has increased the elevator. At the same time, Xicheng will continue to solve the problem of historical leave. Daji project, large fence C3, H block project design has been approved, and is currently in accordance with the urban planning department 上海休闲油压会所 to prepare the project comprehensive implementation plan, strive to obtain phased outcomes in 2022.

Inside Chang’an Street (Xicheng Section), the environment will enhance urban design plan in Northern and North and continue to promote the regional key projects. In 2022, it was planned to prepare a comprehensive implementation plan for the establishment of Xuanxi District, and planned research on the regional demand and direction industrial positioning. In addition, Xicheng will continue to explore urban update working path patterns.

On the basis of the "Silver Enterprise Cooperation Promotion" mode of the Pinghouyuan, choose a mature point to expand the pilot range.

Encourage social capital to participate in the old city protection update, the discovery of regional stock resources, strengthen the project itself "hematopoietic" capability. Guide to encourage social enterprises to participate in the renovation of old communities, giving support for administrative, funds, taxes and payment resources to participate in the renovation, reaching the government, enterprises and residents and win-win, and comprehensively enhance residents’ sense, happiness and feelings sense of security.


Dazu gradually realized the full coverage of urban life waste classification

Garbage classification is deserved. The Dazu District Committee Propaganda Department is awarded the 14th, 14th, China, 14th, China, China The economic and social high quality development in the region continues to inject "green motivation". The meeting issued the "Dashi City City Domestic Waste Classification Work Promotion Program" ("Program"), and the domestic garbage classification work in Dazu City is divided into three stages of "promotion, demonstration construction, concentrated advancement", concentrated from 2021 1 In the year, the non-material community with all public agencies, there is a good property community and the conditions, demonstration to promote the 上海贵族宝贝sh1314 classification of domestic garbage, and gradually realize the full coverage of 6 street cities living garbage classification, formation, less input, good taste, Copy, can promote "work experience. In 2022, all streets of the Dazu District will achieve full coverage of garbage.

  In this process, the large-scale area will grasp the source reduction, full classification, facility construction, demonstration lead, and promote the launch of the promotion, and actively promote garbage sorting work, and play the pioneer model role of party members and cadres, the people’s The leading role of the main role, instructor, volunteer, "bucket long" three teams, as well as the driving role of adolescent children, so that garbage sorting into citizens, becoming a new fashion.

  At the same time, it will establish a long-acting input mechanism for domestic garbage classification funds, strictly implement the "monthly assessment, monthly rankings, month notification" system. "Garbage classification is an important people’s livelihood project. It is related to the improvement of the people’s living environment. It is a big event in contemporary and beneficial in the Queen. The whole district must grasp the garbage classification work , Capture the results, adhere to the problem-oriented, target orientation, and the resulting orientation, to take out specific feasible measures against specific issues, promote the classification of domestic garbage in the whole city. "Liupin, Changfu District, Daxiu District. (Liu Zhengning, Wang 上海gm会所 Yushi) (Editor: Chen Yi, Zhang Wei).


Guangdong Jiangmen announced that it will be set to "reading day" on the 28th.

Panorama of Lingnan Academy (New School Palace). Guo Yongle photographed the people’s network of Jiangmen on September 29 (Zhang Chen Mu, Li Yujun) September 28th, "China Overseas Chinese Book Sounds" – "Book Xiang Wuyi · Jiangmen Read Day" activities officially launched, officially announced each On the 28th, the month is "Jiangmen Reading Day", through a series of activities, stimulates the enthusiasm of 嘉定区419在哪里 the whole people, and highlights the humanistic style of Lingnan Confucian City, create a "book fragrance, learning, innovative" civilized city.

  The event main venue holds "you buy a book I pay" activity normalization startup ceremony. Chen Shi Ming, secretary of Jiangmen Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, became the reader of the first book, selected 3 books, is "the future industry: the decisive power of the future" "" World Total: Grasping the Change of New Times " Question: How to lead the new social revolution in the Communist Party of China. On the spot, I also released the "Book Sifu Wuli · Jiangmen Reading Day" LOGO collection order, and held the unveiling ceremony of Lingnan Academy (Xinxiang 上海后花园419最新 Palace) and the first new book entry ceremony and September reading salon. Chen Yue, the Standing Committee of Jiangmen Municipal Party Committee, and Minister of Propaganda said that Jiangmen is accelerating in the race of high quality development, starting the "books of China’s overseas Chinese city brands," books, learning, and innovative "civilized cities, not only improving the public Quality, improve urban civilization, is also an important part of improving cultural soft power, enhancing Jiangmen urban competitiveness, hoping to be able to read a book as a "open mode" of a life.

  The event is set in the city (district) of Jiangmen City. The local library or the New Times Civilization Practice Center (reading room) will hold the "you choose the book I buy" activity normalized launching ceremony, and further use the 上海会所爽记 actual benefit measures to promote the reading .

  This event was held by the Jiangmen Municipal Committee Propaganda Department, Jiangmen City Civilization Office, held the relevant departments of Jiangmen. (Editor: Zhang Chenmuse, Chen Yuzhu) Share let more people see client downloads.