Recommended introduction of ten NFT trading platforms worldwide

Recommended introduction of ten NFT trading platforms worldwide

What other categories are NFT? Intersection For reference only; recommend one: Opensea.

Opensea has a wealth of NFT categories, and it is divided into nine categories: art, music, domain names, virtual worlds, cards, collectibles, sports and functional assets.

The quantity officially exceeded $ 1 billion.

Name: OpenSea commission:%: Binance, Coinbase, Paradigm, Coatue Recommended 2: Niftygateway, was acquired by Gemini Gemini in 2019.

The creators have high requirements, creators need to submit applications, with short video introduction, and tied the projects in the middle and long -term goals.

Both NFT and secondary sales will charge 5%of sales costs. There are various auctions. Each auction is carefully planned and even has different themes. Even the auction system is common: public bidding, silent bidding, drawing, random gift package, and open version. In terms of NiftyGateway, in addition to the Crypto, it also provides a French buying NFT service. Users can buy NFT directly by credit cards or cards, and directly redeem the sale interests to the bank account. However, the current Niftygateway only allows American users to withdraw legal goods. Name: Niftygateway commission: 5%: Boostvc Recommended 3: Superrare, one of the earliest nFTs.


Name: Superrare commission: 15%: 1confirmation, Velvetseaventures, Samsungnext Recommendation 4: Foundation, the generated works will also be released on OpenSea. Whenever the 50 artists, whenever they successfully sell an original work, they will get two invitation places, which can invite newcomers to settle in. Create NFT.

In terms of Foundation’s artist users set the base price of NFT works. After the first bid, the work will automatically start a 24 -hour limited time auction. As of January 10, 2022, the amount of the NFT of Foundation reached 50, name: Foundation commission: 15%Recommended 5: Makersplace value the quality of encrypted art, so it will make fingerprints and fingerprints for artists or creators NFT works and fingerprints. Digital signing to prove the identity and source of the work.

Provide digital wallets to store works for creators. In addition to Ethereum, credit cards and PayPal payments are currently accepted. Name: Makersplace commission: 15%: BessemerventurePartners, Panteracapital, UNCORKAPITAL Recommended 6: WENEW. The system includes smart ticketing modules, ticket modules, smart voting modules, fan participation modules, digital collectible modules, etc.

The security and transparency of the solution is combined with the scalability and compliance of the enterprise application.

The organizer can issue NFT tickets with one click, and users such as fans and fans can safely purchase, store, transmit, and sell NFT tickets. This controls the entire life cycle of the ticket, the use of smart contracts provides the function of issuing, sales and verification for the ticket certificate, and also specifies the rules of resale. Ensure the security of the ticket, effectively resist the attack of the hacker, effectively avoid AI tickets for scaling and scams to sell deception, and provide users with security guarantees.

Name: WeeNew commissions: 5%: firstoperation, TBGCapital, BlockDomain Recommended 7: Image works on Asyncart are not simply static pictures, but consisting of Master layer and multiple layers. The display and setting of the layer. In other words, works will continue to evolve over time. Low commission is also one of the reasons for running. Asyncart charges 10%of the first sales, and the second sales are only 1%. Name: Asyncart commission: 10%: Lemniscap, GalaxyInteractive Recommended 8: Zora, specifically providing limited NFT products and works. There is a established rule. Each newly joined artist has three invitation places to invite other friends or artists. Name: Zora commission: None: Coinfund, Venrock, 1KX Recommended Nine: Rariblerri, allowing users to participate in the NFT of Development Decisions.


The amount is US $ 100 million. Name: Rarible commission:%: Coinfund, Venrock, 1KX Recommended Ten: New NFT created by Magiceden, which can be purchased, sold and cast NFT.

The amount of monthly users is half of Opensea, but the daily amount is 2 to 3 times higher. In addition, the 0%listing fee and 2%fee have reduced the threshold of NFT buyers and creators. Name: Magiceden commission: Unrelated keyword:.

"Oil and electricity" is together, Shanghai introduces "one of the sons" to boost the car consumption policy

"Oil and electricity" is together, Shanghai introduces "one of the sons" to boost the car consumption policy

Reading volume: Shanghai released the "Accelerating Economic Recovery and Revitalization Action Plan", which is a "combination boxing" around vigorously promoting automobile consumption, and comprehensively boosts the consumption needs of fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles. Xinhua Finance Shanghai, May 31st. Recently, the information of the automotive industry is good. Previously, the phased reduction of some passenger cars announced the 60 billion yuan policies of the Passenger Cars announced by the State Council’s executive meeting. Bicycle prices (excluding value -added tax) no more than 300,000 yuan of displacement passenger cars will be reduced by half -levying vehicle purchase tax.

At the same time, Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai issued the "Plan for Accelerating Economic Recovery and Revitalizing Action" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"), and vigorously promoted the "combination boxing" around the promotion of automobile consumption, and comprehensively promoted the consumption demand for fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles.

The amount of 40,000 licenses of fuel vehicles adds a number of licenses. "Difficulties" are expected to relieve increasing fuel license plates, replace pure tram subsidies, and improve the used car market … "Plan" has introduced a series of powerful issues on the "blocking point" problem restricting car consumption. Measures include 40,000 new non -business passenger license plates during the year; in accordance with national policy requirements, some passenger cars purchase taxes in stages; The registered passenger cars that meet the relevant standards and buy pure electric vehicles to give 10,000 yuan of fiscal subsidies per car; support the development of the car rental format; improve the regulation of registered, filing and vehicle transaction registration management regulations for the second -hand car market.

The industry believes that the policies issued this time, while stabilizing the basic market of the fuel vehicle market, encouraging the owner of the stock to change pure electric vehicles, which is a long -term and taking into account the current move.

Data show that in 2021, a total of 1,35067 individual non-operating passenger buses were put in Shanghai. From January to May this year, 5,5912 were put in, with an average of about 10,000 a month. Affected by factors such as the epidemic, the number of people participating in the Shanghai brand auction has appeared "six consecutive declines", but the bid rate in May is still only%. Assuming that the 40,000 quotas added by the "Plan" are put into the field of non -operating auction, which is equivalent to the number of licenses that have been put in more than four months during the year, which can significantly increase the chance of winning.

In addition, the purchase tax reduction policy for the landing on the 31st also exceeded expectations. Unlike the previous two reductions, the tax reduction force was covered to the rise.

Cui Dongshu, Secretary -General of the National Passenger Car Market Information Joint Association, pointed out that the policy is expected to fully drive independent brand models and mainstream joint ventures. The demand for some entry -level luxury car markets will also explode. It is expected that the domestic retail sales of the year will reach 21 million vehicles. The policy increased by about 2 million vehicles.

Specifically, Cui Dongshu expects related policies to drive 150,000 passenger car sales.

Among them, the new Shanghai brand can directly promote the increase of 40,000 new sales of fuel vehicles, stacked the reduction of purchase tax and replacement of electric vehicle subsidies, and it is expected that more than 100,000 units can be driven. If the price of bicycles is calculated at 200,000 yuan, this year Shanghai’s new car output value will reach 30 billion yuan.

Encourage replacement to pure trams, hedging new energy vehicles "price increases" Shanghai is the "main position" of China Motor sales. In 2021, the sales of new energy vehicles ranked at the top of the domestic city.

Data show that in March this year, a total of 37,755 licenses on the new car in Shanghai, of which the number of new energy licenses was 17,889 units, and the penetration rate of new energy was close to "half of the country." The industry pointed out that the 10,000 yuan replacement subsidy proposed by the "Plan" has been stronger than similar policies during the 2020 epidemic.

The analysis believes that this replacement subsidy will also effectively hedge the collective price increase of new energy vehicle brands this year. According to statistics, affected by the international situation and epidemic, the price of raw materials and key components such as batteries and other raw materials has gone through several rounds of skyrocketing. Dozens of brands have announced the price adjustment price, involving traditional giants such as SAIC, GAC, Weilai, Xiaopeng, etc. New forces and international brands such as Tesla. From the perspective of the increase, there are a lot of lows in 3,000-5000 yuan, and there are many increases. The highest Tesla models have increased by nearly 30,000 yuan this year. According to media reports, the "Plan" quickly stimulated consumer interest after its release. Sales staff of new energy 4S stores said that after the policy was introduced, a large number of consumers were asked.

Ping An Securities pointed out that the high income level of residents in first -tier cities and great consumption potential, boosting the consumption of automobiles can be measured together, tax cuts and licenses parallel, stimulating the first purchase, purchase, and replacement needs. In addition, this replacement policy is expected to accelerate the popularization of new energy vehicles from medium- and long -term.

Xu Haidong, deputy chief engineer of the China Automobile Industry Association, believes that the fiscal subsidy of 10,000 yuan in bicycles is quite strong, especially for pure tram models under 200,000 yuan, which has a great role in selling sales. At the same time, the premise of the subsidy is "small passenger cars registered in Shanghai in Shanghai and meets relevant standards in Shanghai", which will also promote traditional fuel vehicles to pure electric vehicles to a certain extent and achieve carbon reduction. The agency believes that the continued rising of new energy penetration to exclude the short -term interference caused by the epidemic situation is the general trend. The Wanlian Pass pointed out that as the country and the local government have successively introduced the policy of promoting new energy vehicle consumption, the demand for the suppression of the epidemic is expected to be effectively released. It is expected that the sales of new energy vehicles are expected to increase rapidly. In the long run, the new energy vehicle industry has a high growth trend in the context of "carbon neutrality", and the advantages of technological innovation cost reduction and integration will gradually appear. Edit: Luo Hao Statement: Xinhua Finance is a national financial information platform undertaken by Xinhua News Agency.

In any case, the information posted on this platform does not constitute investment advice. Xinhua Finance Statement: The content of this article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly and risk themselves.

休 Ning: Name Shanxiu Water Culture

休 Ning: Name Shanxiu Water Culture

Legend has it, "Long Sheng Jiuzi, take up."

"The steps of the Tang Dynasty palace will be painted with the embossed, and the new sciences are in the orders of the list.

This idiom "exclusively" is here. Innovation is the ancient theme of Xiu Ning, and the ancient Huizhou people have a brilliant yesterday, which makes the world.

Nowadays, innovation has made the Hou Wang ushered in the dawn of the new century and struggling to rise.

Hundred Years of Fenghua Zhengmao, from six shares to Hui Huo Dao, the red wave once ignited this landscape with the trend of the original, and countless benevolenders wrote the heroic legend between the mountains and water, injecting the red soul into this landscape. A badge, highlighting the image; a banner, guidance direction. When the horn of the poverty attack, the Shenzhou earth, the hitch people are worked together, and the thorns, the poverty alleviation is the key support of the poverty reduction.

Cheng Cai Ling, a laughing rural girl.

She is enthusiastic, it is a great big sister who is praised in your mouth, good aunt.

She is happy to help people, deeply praised by the neighborhoods and tourists. She interprets the simple happiness with a way to act. The Xiu Ning series documentary "landscape", based on the waters of the hull, the scenery of the scenery, the famous mountains, show water, good tea, spring waterfish, the ancient village, special food, etc. Ecology is prioritized, the road to walking green development is significantly effective.

"Hoogwaardige" structuurdikte van kracht – "kleur" in Beijing is meer

"Hoogwaardige" structuurdikte van kracht – "kleur" in Beijing is meer

  Xinhua News Agency, 27 juli: "High-Precision" Structuur Capital Structurer – Beijing Hoge kwaliteit Ontwikkeling "Kleur" Meer voeten Xinhua Nieuws Agentschap Reporter Guo Yujing, Jining is open, het vooruitzicht kan verdunnen worden. Na het "14e vijfjarenplan" begon, de wetenschappelijke co?rdinatie en de economische en sociale ontwikkeling van Beijing en de economische en sociale ontwikkeling, hoog-precisie-industrie?n speelden de leidende rol, bleef de marktconsumptie herstellen en de economische operatie is stabiel.

Bouw een nieuw ontwikkelingspatroon, realiseer je hoogwaardige ontwikkeling, Beijing worstelt om naar voren te accelereren. High-Precision Structure Lights digitale economie in nieuwe motor in mei Dit jaar, Schneider Electric Digital Industrial Demonstration Park, Schneider Electric and Beijing Economische en technologische ontwikkelingszone, voltooid, een nieuwe generatie milieuvriendelijke gasmediumdrukapparatuur officieel massaproductie.

  "Beijing High-Precision Industrial Cluster versnelt, bracht sterke bedrijfssteun, de uitvoerwaarde van het bedrijf nam in de eerste helft van het jaar aanzienlijk toe." Schneider (Beijing) Medium Pressure Electric Co., Ltd. General Manager Ma Chao zei.

  In de eerste helft van dit jaar realiseerde de economische ontwikkelingszone van Beijing de regionale productie van miljoenen dollars, een stijging van de jaar-op-jaar van up-to-date.

4 toonaangevende industrie?n zoals informatietechnologie voor nieuwe generatie, goedkeuring van% van de totale industri?le uitvoer in de regio. Dit is de belichaming van Beijing Science and Technology Innovation Body Economy.

In de eerste helft van dit jaar steeg Beijing high-tech productie, strategische opkomende industri?le toegevoegde waarde en verdubbeld het jaar-op-jaar, twee jaar een gemiddelde groei% en%. In de eerste helft van het jaar nam Peking de leiding in het publiceren van de "Changan-keten" van de "Chang’an-keten" in China, "Chang’an Chain", die "voedselveiligheidsketen" vormde, elektronische afdichting; First Intelligent Network of Automobile-beleid in China District, 14 bedrijven, bijna 100 testvoertuigen hebben meer dan 3 miljoen kilometer … Lin Enquan, plaatsvervangend directeur van de ontwikkeling en hervorming van Beijing, zei dat Beijing hoge precisie economische structuur opmerkelijke resultaten heeft bereikt , productiviteitslay-out presenteert een nieuwe look, gerelateerde industrie?n rijden zeer opvallend.

"Onder hen is digitale economie een nieuwe motor geworden en de technologie-innovatiestation is prominenter.

"Nieuw verbruik uitbreiding upgrade stabiel investeringseffect aanzienlijk Fila eerste wereldwijde nieuwe concept winkel landing wangfujing, XiaOpeng Automobiel Nationaal eerste vlaggenschip experience center vestigde Sanlitun … in totaal 434 eerste winkels in de eerste helft van het jaar, de eerste jaar, de eerste Bewaar in het eerste jaar-kwantiteit, bleef de eerste winkel Economie van Beijing upgraden. Yan Jing, plaatsvervangend hoofdteam van Beijing Survey Corps, zei dat als de epidemische situatie het leven van bewoners heeft verzwakt, de upgrade van de residente consumptie is gestaag herstellend. In de eerste De helft van dit jaar, Peking-implementatie "Top tien speciale acties", cultiverende internationale consumentencentrumsteden met Beijing-kenmerken en wereldwijde invloed. Vertrouwen op Huawang, internationale handel, SKP en andere commerci?le complex, worden 100 miljard ge?nternationaliseerde zakelijke districten versneld.

  Verbruiksupgrade leidt tot innovatie, effectieve investeringen bevordert de ontwikkeling van hoge kwaliteit.

  Onlangs werd het eerste station van Beijing Metrolijn 28 officieel gestart. Het gemiddelde station van metro nr. 28 is ongeveer 1 kilometer, en het CBD is schuin. Op dit moment wordt het project intensief geconstrueerd en zal het effectief regionale verkeerscongestie na voltooiing verlichten. Subway 28 is een van de "3 100" -toetsprojecten in Peking 2021. Aan het begin van dit jaar liep Peking 100 infrastructuur uit, 100 mensen levensverbeteringen en 100 wetenschappelijke en technologische innovatie en hoog-effici?ntie-industri?le projecten, met een totale investering van over Trillion Yuan.

  Lin Enquan zei dat de belangrijkste projecten van 3 100 "in de eerste helft van het jaar met ongeveer 134,9 miljard yuan werden voltooid, ondersteunde meer dan 35% van de stad, speelde volledig de leidende rol van grote projecten over beleggingsoperatie en economisch herstel is constant geactiveerd.

  "Neem het land is gestart" om de effici?ntie van de promotie te verbeteren, en het potentieel van de welvaart wordt op 14 juli uitgebracht. De tweede fase van de Xiaomi Intelligent Factory is officieel begonnen in Changping District, Beijing, waarvan naar verwachting een jaar van 10 miljoen smartphones. Deze fabriek gebruikte slechts 84 dagen "lopende" pre-perioden, die 227 dagen accumuleert, het bereiken van "landing om te landen". "De start-up-effici?ntie van het project heeft een wonder in Beijing gecre?erd! Voltooi de vorige goedkeuring met ongelooflijke snelheid.

"Millet-voorzitter en CEO Lei Jun zei.

  Eenvoudig proces, uitstekende service, kostenbesparing en Beijing blijven een continue inspanning leveren in de zakelijke omgeving en blijven het ontwikkelingsdividend vrijgeven.

  In reactie op de moeilijkheden van kleine en middelgrote ondernemingen en handelarenopslag en werking, is Peking ook de eerste die de "nieuwe 6" -maatregelen in het land, omliggende belastingverlagingen, hergroeipabrikaten, financi?le steun, precisiemedewerkers, enz. . Kleine en middelgrote ondernemingen en individuele industri?le en commerci?le huishoudens "Oxygenation Bloedtransfusie".

  De hulpondernemingen worden verslagen en gemotiveerd om een ??groot aantal markttiteiten te verhogen, te sparen en te bevrijden.

In de eerste helft van het jaar hebben we een nieuw bedrijf in de eerste helft van het jaar, een jaar-op-jaar toename, die goed was voor meer dan 40% van de op technologie gebaseerde ondernemingen het jaar op jaar.

(Deelnemen aan het schrijven: Gu Zhaowei).

"Green" plus code energy is guaranteed to my country’s new energy power generation in October growth

"Green" plus code energy is guaranteed to my country’s new energy power generation in October growth

Recommended reading researchers launched whether drugs or diet is more effective in reshaping nutrient sensation and other metabolic pathways, as well as whether the interaction between drugs and diet makes it more effective.

2021-11-1810: 48 Due to the technical means, it is difficult to identify individual star-collagen in living animals, and the dynamic process of recording the calcium signals of the star cells can be synchronized throughout the learning memory. 2021-11-1810: 46 Red Handless Punch will make the compressive force and friction of the finger tip together, so that the speed is maximized, and the impact wave generated makes the finger to issue a signature "" sound. 2021-11-1810: 34 The main author said: "For a long time, triglene molecules have not been synthesized in crystalline, as it will not be aggregated. 2021-11-1810: 03 Before infection, vs. Vhh Antibodies are also demonstrated to relieve symptoms, inhibit viral proliferation, but VHH antibodies can not only be used as therapeutic drug, but also may have a preventive effect. 2021-11-1810: 02 To better understand these rarely described or unknown composites The team has studied similar proteins and determines the role of new discovery proteins based on the newly discovered protein interaction with known proteins.

2021-11-1810: 01 Recently, Xu Yu, Xu Yu, Xu Yu, Xu Yu, Xu Yu, Xu Yu, Xu Yu, Xu Yu, Xu Yu, Xu Yu, Xu Yue, Xu Yue, a second case of HIV, and Self-healing. 2021-11-1810: 00 Researchers said that there is significant differences in isomeric diversity of specific genes between human and mouse brains, and huge changes between fetus and adult cortias have also shown that selective splicing is important in neurological development. effect.

2021-11-1809: 58 According to the British "New Scientist" magazine report, IBM claims that it has developed a quantum computer "eagle" that runs 127 quantum bits, which is the world’s largest super Guaranum computer. 2021-11-1809: October 18, 201, 18, China Academy of Sciences, the official website of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the results of choice of academiciases, produced 65 academicians and 25 Chinese Academy of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Academician.

2021-11-1809: 45 This year is the 10th anniversary of the implementation of China Mobile Science and Technology Museum.

The reporter learned from the China Science and Technology Museum that, in the past 10 years, the project has distributed 566 scientific exhibition resources, and the 4682 station in 1888 county-level administrative districts across the country, serving the public 100 million, and promoting science public services are remarkable.

2021-11-1809: 45 Using network disk services, transmission rate and publicity speed are serious; network disk upload download data is limited, do not buy members unable to advance … With the popularity of mobile Internet and intelligent equipment, file information, Personal data assets such as photo videos are stored in the network disk, which has become a habit of many users. 2021-11-1809: 44 Next China Petrochemical Preparing for the development and engineering design of millions of tons of crude oil steam cracking in Xinjiang Tak River, built "oil conversion" industrial demonstration device.

2021-11-1809: 41 The industry is generally believed that the carbon neutral and industry chain is large, involving "front-end strengthening energy structural adjustment – mid-end enhancement energy conservation and emission reduction level – backend enhancement resource recycling" multiple links.

2021-11-1809: 39 Cai Jiaguan No.1 Tunnel is underway to wear nursery tunnels and railway and high-risk project construction, and the project department has also installed tunnel safety alarm systems.

2021-11-1809: 32 "Escape" in the real world is verified, for example, the above-mentioned two multinational pharmacter’s candidate drugs also displayed at the Delta variant in the test results. escape. Xie Xiaoliang said, I hope that my country’s new crown special medicinal medicines developed soon. 2021-11-1809: 31 Huawei further narrows the wearengine size, loaded into a smaller-diverse sensor, realizing a diversified wear device, taking the monitoring these capabilities open to all services. 2021-11-1721: 29 This study is expected to provide a potential biomaterial for OP bone defect repair, and provide new entry points for subsequent OP and bone deficiency therapy.

2021-11-1710: 55 Slow resistance is a complex disease, affected by genetic factors and environmental factors, where smoking is the largest environmental factor, and people who smoke more easily slowly resist.

2021-11-1710: 52 The cosmic line is a high energy charged particle produced in an extremely analog environment. The research team also found that the cosmic energy density of the cosmic wire in the central molecular cloud area near Yinxin is lower than the energy density of the cosmic "sea" outside the molecular cloud. 2021-11-1710: 49.

"Kleding" Tibetaanse rol – het behoud van de eerste partijgrondwet

"Kleding" Tibetaanse rol – het behoud van de eerste partijgrondwet

Zhang Jingquan is een van de party-leden van de vroegste arbeiders van de Communistische Partij van China.

In juli 1922 werd het tweede nationale congres van de Communistische Partij van China gehouden in Shanghai.

Na de vergadering zullen de centrale leidersbureaus de charters en andere resoluties van de Algemene Vergadering naar de Partij transfereren en het relevante personeel in de partij delen.

Zhang Jingquan als een vroeg party-lid heeft ook een boek. In de winter van 1928 was de Shanghai bedekt met witte horror. Hij maakte zich zorgen dat de veiligheid van het feest in het feest, de veiligheid van de boeken, die ook ook de Kuomintang-zoekopdracht liet, en niet gemakkelijk betalen. Na drie overwegingen besloot hij deze documenten op te nemen, waaronder de First Party Grondwet, boeken van Shanghai Secret naar Ningbo Viscin, en zijn vader nastreven. Na het ontvangen van zo’n missie, bevestigde de oude vader er veel belang aan. Na een diep denken maakte hij een verhaal over "zijn zoon in het verleden", beweerde dat de buren niet-Xiaozi qiquan langdurig is teruggekeerd, geen nieuws , Ik ben bang dat ik al is gestorven. Toen nam de oude man een begrafenisgraf voor Zhang Jingquan en zijn vorige vrouw in zijn geboortestad. Aan de zijkant van Zhang Jingquan is een kroon, legt het leeg. De oude man nam de grote tas van Zhang Jingquan terug en de krant van het boek werd verpakt in het oliepapier en begraven in het graf. De oude man begraven altijd dit geheim in het hart, ik hoop dat er een dag nadat de zoon terugkomt "de oorspronkelijke liefde". In feite stierf Zhang Jingquan in 1932. Totdat nieuw China werd gevestigd, verwachtte de oude man niet dat zijn zoon terugkeert, denk aan zijn eigen ervaring is hoog, deze partij van belangrijke dingen kan niet langer "geheim", dus ik ontdekte het mysterie van "kleding".

De documenten in het tombe worden ook uiteindelijk overgedragen aan de relevante afdelingen van Shanghai en vervolgens ingediend bij de centrale archieven om op te slaan. (Editor: Chen Qiunan, Zhao Gang) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

"Mao Su Su" Ningxia]

"Mao Su Su" Ningxia]

Ningxia Lingwu Baiyan-demonstratie vóór en na contrast. Gegevensfoto Yanchi County Liu Yumou Village Oude tak Liu Geplaatst, decennia leiden de oude en oude governance van de stad van 30.000 MU, en hij raakt de eerste regel van de bosboerderij. Li Guiqin, de werknemer van Lingwu Baikawa-bos, leidde de aquacultuurindustrie en vormde een cirkelvormige ontwikkeling van de economische keten.

De totale omzet van het gezin heeft 5 opeenvolgende jaren meer dan 100.000 yuan, die niet alleen de tewerkstelling van omringende boeren bevorderen, maar ook het grootste deel van de werknemersinkomen leidt om rijk te worden. In Ningxia is er een plaats in het zand, er is zo’n "krijger van de woestijn". Ze zaaien constant groen in de woestijn, vertellen de eeuwige geloften van de eeuwige geloften van het groene watergebergte.

Om het groene berg groen water te houden, bouwen de groene ecologische barrière in het Westen, Ningxia Research heeft het "Sanxia Sands Plan (2011-2020)" ge?ntroduceerd, voert u krachtig anti-Sachai zand en ecologische restauratie uit. In de loop der jaren worden het gebied van zand en grond en bodem en grond jaar per jaar verlaagd. De landbouwproductieomstandigheden zijn aanzienlijk verbeterd en de industrie?n zoals bosvruchten, gras, aardappelen, Chinese kruidengeneesmiddelen groeien voortdurend.

Sinds 2016 wordt de jaarlijkse nationale regeling van 200-3 miljoen yuan specifiek gebruikt voor anti-hermeal en het steeds meer verbiedende afdichtingstoezicht en -beheer.

Tegenwoordig heeft Ningxia Ssonas meer dan 453 ontwikkelingen in de initi?le ontwikkeling ontwikkeld en is van plan om 5 miljoen MU van het cre?ren van bossen in 2022 te cre?ren, en bosdekking is toegenomen tot 16%.

2020 is van plan de universele anti-zandbehandeling te voltooien. Harmony: van "groene woestijn" tot "rijke mensen" om de ecologie te beschermen, is de ontwikkelingsproductiviteit.

Als algemene secretaresse Xi Jinping wees erop: "In de keuze, kijk naar de richting, cre?er voorwaarden, laat de groene bergen van de groene bergen Jinshan Yinshan doorgaan.

"In Ningxia is de caravan een van de meest voorkomende vegetatie in MU USHAS.

In het verleden was de rol van caravan slechts een vaste zandduin, maar het is ook een goede voeding geworden voor het voeden van zout Tach-schapen.

"Salt Chi County groeit momenteel meer dan 26 miljoen mu, ingebouwd in vier caravan foerage verwerkingsfabrieken en meer dan 200 stralingsstuurprogramma’s. Het kan bijna 40.000 ton feed voor zout Tach-schapen leveren, waardoor meer dan 1 miljoen yuan in economische voordelen meer dan 1 miljoen yuan cre?ert . "Zonbeschermer, plaatsvervangend directeur van het zoutcentrum van het natuurlijke hulpbronnen Bureau van Yanchi County, vertelde verslaggevers.

Zhang Tao, het hoofd van de Chun Haolin-co?peratie van de lente, Ningxia, en realiseerde de droom van "wat zandlegering" door de Caraganica-verwerking. "Co?peraties die 5.000 ton Citarn-korrels verwerken, rijden bijna 10.000 mensen rond de boeren, waardoor een kaarthouders bouwt om bijna 10.000 yuan te vergroten.

Zhang Shu Xin zei.

"Ballet Beauty" on the carpet

"Ballet Beauty" on the carpet

Original title: "Ballet Beauty" provincial art gymnastics team athletes is being trained. On the afternoon of March 22, in the art gymnastic museum, a beautiful girl with a beautiful girl hand holding a color ball under the accompaniment of music, and sometimes it takes, and sometimes it is empty.

A song is completed with a set of actions, and the girl has sweat.

Take a break, she picks up the ribbon into the field, and the long ribbon is dancing colorful.

The girl while dancing the ribbon in the hands of the ribbon completes the difficult leap, throwing and other actions. The whole set of movements are smooth, and the music cooperation is just right, it is perfect! A small teammate who watched the training outside the scene could not help but clapping this little sister.

The girl named Wang Zilo, is now being 18 years old.

Wang Zili has a small eyebrow show, but she has never been complacent because of high value, she puts the whole energy in training.

Her maximum is to show Xi’an women’s generous, beautiful, soft charm on the international domestic stage. Art Gymnast is a free-handed or hand-held sports, a sports project based on natural and rhythmic actions under music accompaniment, and is also an artistic women’s competitive gymnastics project.

Art gymnastics, known as "ballet on the carpet", originated in Europe in the late 19th century, and the European education reform and the development of female sports have a great impact on art gymnastics. Art gymnastics can cultivate women’s physical attitude, rhythm, beautiful, musicians and expressiveness. In 1984, the Shaanxi Provincial Art Gymnastics team has established Wang Lili, Baimei, and Pang Qiong and other national team excellent players. Wang Zilo, born in Xi’an, is a dazzling new star that has grown up in our province in recent years.

In 2013, she was selected for the National Youth Team to prepare the Qing Olympics. In the national art gymnastics collective tournament and personal championships held in 2015, she expressed outstanding and successfully entered the national art gymnastics team. In 2016, I obtained the national juvenile group of individuals with a championship. In 2018, I won the Asian Art Gymnastics Championship Youth Group Personal Circle The season army, in 2019, the National Art Gymnastics Championships is difficult to innovate. In 2020, there was a total of 1 silver 2 copper in the National Championship Adult Planburn, Circle and Personal All-Energy Project.

It is worth mentioning that in order to prepare for the 14th National Games, in 2019, Wang Zilou was sent to the art gymnastics in Ukrainian training for half a year.

When I talked about the harvest of Ukraine, Wang Zilo said that through foreign training, she opened the eyes, saw her short board, after getting the guidance of the world-famous coach, I have improved a lot of technology in technology, especially It has also changed great changes in the order of the whole set, and it is full of confidence. As an art gymnast, the usual training is quite cruel.

It is necessary to perform physical exercises every day. In order to maintain a body shape, the small age will begin to control the diet, and there is a series of injuries that need to face … "until now, our daily training is still starting from the lower leg, hurts, cry, giving up Cruel training has also become part of our habits and life.

"Prince Lou said. A perfect jumping and throwing a flexible and perseverance showing prince Dwark and his teammates, they on the stage with charming smiles and full confidence, but behind the countless outcomers can’t see Adhere to and sweat. In 2017, Tianjin National Games, due to not age, prince is unable to participate.

It was also from that time, she secretly decided, dreaming in Shaanxi in 4 years, showing the style of Shaanxi art gymnastics in front of the parents. This year’s National Games, Wang Zili will impact medals at home. "I must live up to everyone’s expectations and strive to prepare for the National Games and add to Shaanxi.

"Wang Zilu said. The Provincial Art Gymnastics team will also strike the medals of the 14th National Games Group project," Swan "also wants to fly.

In recent hours, the Provincial Art Gymnastics team has conducted a number of difficulties and complex tests, and the external experts have evaluated the quality of action. Through such practical drills, the team’s competitive level has been steadily improved.

The girls of the Provincial Art Gymnastics team are using their hard sweat and the unremitting pursuit of beautiful, and want to leave the most beautiful moment on the field of the 14th National Games. (Editor: Gu Yan, Deng Nan).

"12348 Xining France" allows the masses to see the effect

"12348 Xining France" allows the masses to see the effect

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