"Candle", Guangzhou Ward, 790 "White Angel", staat op het punt te betalen

"Candle", Guangzhou Ward, 790 "White Angel", staat op het punt te betalen

  Xinhuanet Guangzhou 13 mei (Chen Xueying) 12 mei is het 110e International Nurse Festival. Guangzhou Health Vocational and Technical College "Celebrate 5 · 12 International Nurses Festival and Graduation Ceremony" Event site, de voorgangers, de vertegenwoordiger "Quasi-verpleegster" Wear Yan Tail Cap, ontbranden het kaarslicht van Nang Dinggee. De verpleegstudent houdt een rode kaars vast, vloeken zal het Nantutahre herinneren "om de arts te helpen de arts en vertrouwelijkheid te behandelen."

  Yuha, feestsecretaris van het Guangzhou Health Vocational and Technical College, zei dat de verpleegstudenten het Motto van de school kunnen erven en doorsturen om rekening te houden met de "Precision Unique, Bo Ai Ji", en een eeuwenoude geschiedenis, rood hebben Gene, onthoud de verpleegster, verstrekte hoge kwaliteit voor pati?ntenverpleegservices geven meer menselijke zorg.

  Fang Changming, plaatsvervangend directeur van de afdeling Hoger onderwijs van Guangzhou Education Bureau, zei dat de haatceremonie de rangen van de studenten markeert om de verpleegster binnen te gaan, wat zowel een glorieus, een zware verantwoordelijkheid is, ik hoop dat de studenten in het werk zullen zijn in het werk., Kan zich concentreren, voorzichtig zijn, geduld hebben. Er wordt gemeld dat het Gezondheidsverband van Guangzhou en Technical College het volksgezondheidsgezondheid is dat wordt gehouden door de gemeente Guangzhou Municipal People. In 2020 is de titel van "Guangdong Provincie Anti-hals Corona Epidemie" de titel.

"Hard Master" Xia Bo: To achieve the dream "endless climb"

"Hard Master" Xia Bo: To achieve the dream "endless climb"

Original title: "Hard Master" Xia Bo: For more than 40 years of dream "Endless Climb", I have struggled with the disease, encounter ice, avalanche, earthquake, blizzard during the mountaineering process, but I have been still insisting. "At the interview with the People’s Network, Xia Bun took out the precious mountaineering notes, telling the history of the climbers," Although I don’t have a foot, I can’t lose to anyone.

"" Stepping on the step, I will fall into the Wanzhu "People’s Network: From the first climbing Everest to the top of the top, you used 43 years.

When do you want to give up? What supports you persisted? Xia Bo: I didn’t think about giving up.

Dougle peaks, there is no back to me.

I have a heart to go to the Pearl, but I don’t dare to definitely be able to board it. Mountaineering is my favorite sports, but unfortunately the first time Dengfeng is frozen.

I think, even though I don’t have a feet, I can’t lose to anyone. Finally challenge, with the belief of fate, I have been working until now.

For more than 40 years, I have strived with the sick and suffered Ice, avalanche, earthquake, blizzard during the mountaineering process, but I have been insisting.

People’s Network: In May 2018, do you worry if you still fail during the shooting of "endless climb"? Xia Bo: Before every time I started, I would like this may not succeed, I can’t come back, I will do everything for this.

At that time in May 2018, the same as every mountaineering, I insist on exercise, and the mentality is not different.

People: Mount Everest the moment, what is your first thought is mind? Xia Bo Yu: Mount Everest, in fact, did not imagine so excited. Before the summit did not, I thought I would cry, pose, but then really on board, I had physical overdraft, I sat down, I thought, he is finally over. Then I thought of the family, the tears flow out.

When talking with family, I felt very uncomfortable, I have a sense of guilt for his family, for me to pay them too much, I let them worry about too long. Now the summit, I was thinking how to make up.

People: climbing process, have not encountered a particularly dangerous time? Xia Bo Yu: For me, every step is very dangerous. I must stabilize, step quasi every step.

Step by step on bad, I would fall into the abyss.

Hard down the mountain easily.

After the summit, at the top of the hill I spent less than 10 minutes, the storm suddenly came, everyone was screaming down the withdrawal. Frostbite on my face, the whole face all black, has also been frozen fingers black.

If there are no storms, generally up to 5 hours can be a surprise to the first camp, but that day I walked 12 hours to reach.

Blizzard too, there is a walk, end up with a layer of ice on snow mirror, must hand to pull.

After pull out the ice must be quickly put on gloves, otherwise the hand will be frozen. People: 2019 movie "climbers", the Hu Ge plays the role of the prototype is you.

As the 1975 Everest action of witnesses, can you talk about the situation at the time? Xia Bo Yu: Everest in 1975 and now is very different.

Now the technical conditions are good, the weather forecast is accurate, oxygen is also very adequate, and there is someone for you transport, building camps, roads. But at that time, whether it is climbing devices, equipment, weather, food, or climbing during all other work must be done by the climbers themselves.

However, when the players in order to complete the task given to the motherland, climbing determination is very large. Once, when we hiked to 8600 meters, suddenly suffered a stroke aerial attacks, we stayed there for two days and three nights, exhausted all the oxygen, food, descend to 7600 meters, I have a teammate physical advances, lost sleeping bag.

I did have a nickname called "Vulcan God", not cold, put my sleeping bag to him.

The next day we went to 6500 meters from 7600 meters down, sleep at night, my mountaineering boots tied down, only to find the foot has frostbite. "Focus on your own every step of the way, this is my spirit to climb" People’s Network: your hands this mountaineering note densely filled with words, which records what does? Why has always insisted on record? Xia Bo Yu: Everest notes recorded some details, such as from this place to that place how distant, how long it took, how they feel, what difficulties, like a running account. By notes, I can compare what is the difference between this year and last year recorded content, I’m adaptability, physical aspects have not improved.

Because climbing at any time encounter unpredictable danger, I want to try to remember some detail, if after the unexpected encounter, when a suicide note left for his family, the family can be traced back to the situation through my diary. People: What makes your impressive memories notes there? Xia Bo Yu: Everest in 2015, we suffered a major earthquake, I put that experience recorded.

That afternoon, I was eating tent, ready to assault the summit after.

This is when suddenly an earthquake, the ground shaking was particularly severe, so when I ran out of the tent, heard the sound of thunder, which is ice avalanches, avalanche precursor. I hurried into the tent, bent over clutching tent pole, eyes closed waiting for a minute, until the outside is almost silent, and I opened my eyes just ran out and saw one near the white mountains all around disappeared, faintly see me in front of all those tent blown away by the shock wave. That climbers suffered heavy casualties, I survived.

For safety, and to express respect for the dead, 2015 earthquake that year, we all did not climb to the top, no one mention out of the summit.

People: young people want to climb Mount Everest, what say you? Xia Bo Yu: Everest is a very dangerous sport, must be ready for anything. Not only to prepare the equipment, the physical aspect, but also from the ideological aspect to understanding the difficult climb of Everest. Evolution, not blindly.

One time I got a phone call, a young man called, and said to go to Everest. I asked him what Gordon Hill, he replied, landed Tarzan. I say that you are traveling, not climbing.

He said that was your age, no foot can log in, I’m still young, how can not board it? I told him that I am a professional athlete born, up at five o’clock every day for strength training, weight 10 kg sandbag, squats 150 a set, training 10 groups; chin-up a group of 10, training 10 groups; 60 push-ups in groups, training 8 group; a group of 60 sit-ups, training 8 group, also training biceps, triceps and the like. Then board the ride to the Fragrant Hills, about 11 o’clock in the morning you can go home.

This is my exercise.

People’s Daily: How do you understand the spirit of climbing? Xia Bo Yu: A climber must have the spirit of climbing.

I think that is a kind of fear difficult climb spirit, the spirit of courageous forward. In addition, for me the most important thing is that I during the climb, his eyes still staring at my feet.

Because my feet are prosthetic, it stepped down snow did not feel, only reached the waist when I come to feel. So, someone asked me if I walked a little way, I sometimes do not know, I just focus on their own feet. Focus on their every step of the way, this is my spirit to climb.

(Guo Guanhua) (Editor: Xiao Xiao, Zhang Yan) share to allow more people to see.

Damei Xuyu-Jiangsu Channel-People’s Daily Online

Damei Xuyu-Jiangsu Channel-People’s Daily Online

The National East Central and Western Regional Cooperation Demonstration Zone -Xuyu New District is located in the southeast of the urban area of Lianyungang City. The total planned area is about 467 square kilometers.240 square kilometers, modern and efficient agricultural zones about 153 square kilometers.Relying on the Luqiao Economic Belt, facing Northeast Asia, integrating into the Yangtze River Delta, and looking at the sea and South Korea across the sea, becoming the most convenient passage of the sea along the "Belt and Road" areas.Serve the central and western regions and the Huaihai Economic Zone, build a demonstration zone (pilot zone), the circular economy demonstration zone and the new coastal industrial base of the Jiangsu coastal coastal coastal coastal coastal coastal industrial base, and build a new economic growth pole for Jiangsu.

"Double Reduce" implementation incorporates education supervision

"Double Reduce" implementation incorporates education supervision

The Conference of the People’s Congress of Anhui Province was considered the "Anhui Provincial Education Supervision Regulations (Draft)" On November 17th, the 30th meeting of the Thirteen National People’s Congress Standing Committee considered "Anhui Provincial Education Supervision Regulations (draft revisions)" (Abbreviation "Regulations (Draft Modified)").

What is worth paying attention is that the "Regulations (Draft Modified Draft) increased the implementation of the party building group construction, the construction of the party building, the construction of the party building, the construction of the president team, the" double minus "policy, the teacher’s head, enrollment, charges, etc. content.

Further enriching the education supervision content "Some components of the consisters and comments should be further enriching the content of education and supervision.

Xixiawi, member of the Legal Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, said that the legal committee research believes that further enriching the education supervision content, so that the legislation is better to maintain the relevant policy measures related to the national education reform, it is necessary to respond to the masses, it is necessary, it is recommended to be related to the country The spirit of the document, increasing the party building team construction, the construction of the party building, the construction of the team, the construction of the president team, the compulsory education stage "double minus" policy, the teacher’s head is building, enrollment, charges and other content.

"Regulations (draft modified draft)" stipulate that education supervision institutions implemented education supervision of the people’s governments of the level and the people’s governments of the lower level, including the following matters: education laws, regulations, regulations, and national education guidelines, policies implementation; education Career priority development guarantee, deployment and implementation of education related plans, advancement of education and reform development, the balanced development of compulsory education, education modernization and all levels of education coordinated development, education fair and well-planning, investment, management and use of education funds The situation; the guarantee and improvement of school conditions; the construction of the principal, the construction of teachers, teachers and other educators; the responsibility of students in the compulsory education is reduced to the school training burden reduction; education hotspots, difficult problems to solve and education Emergency disposal; other matters set by law, regulations, rules, and national education policies. Educational supervision institutions implement the education supervision of schools, including the following matters: education laws, regulations, regulations, and national education guidelines, policies implementation; school party construction and party building team construction work; student morality Development situation; education teaching, scientific research work; teacher team construction and teacher’s head, professional development; education resources, education charges, education fund management and use; standardizing school, school enrollment, safe and stable food safety, student Psychological health, etc.; Establish and improve the legal committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, the Provincial People’s Congress Legal Committee, recommended that the provisions shall be supervised according to the spirit of the state, and the provisions of supervision, require rectification, review and other supervision results.

"The Regulations (Draft)" clearly, the supervised units should be rectified according to the supervision opinion and report the rectification situation.

The education and supervision institution should verify the rectification of the supervised units.

If the supervised units have failed to complete the rectification tasks as required, the education and supervision institutions shall promptly supervise, requiring rectification within a time limit, and notified in accordance with relevant regulations.

The educational supervision institution should establish and improve the review system of education and supervision, and the rectification of supervision discovery issues will be reviewed in time to consolidate the results of supervision. Anhui Business News Media Reporter Wu Peng.

The "Industrial Internet" becomes the hot word of the two sessions to promote the development of the digital development of the textile industry

The "Industrial Internet" becomes the hot word of the two sessions to promote the development of the digital development of the textile industry

Work report; developed the Industrial Internet Platform in 2018; in 2019 to build an industrial Internet platform, expand intelligent ﹢, and empower the transformation and upgrade of the manufacturing industry; develop the Industrial Internet in 2020 and promote intelligent manufacturing; A total of technology R & D counters to enhance the innovation capabilities and professional water of SMEs; in this year’s work report, it is proposed to accelerate the development of the industrial Internet, cultivate and strengthen digital industries such as integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, and enhance key software and hardware technology innovation and supply capabilities.

As the world’s largest textile producer, consumer countries, and exporters, the textile and apparel industry is an important pillar industry in my country’s national economy. It plays an important role in maintaining balance of income and expenditure, prosperous markets, and attracting employment.

The digital intelligence capabilities and water of the textile and clothing industry have gradually become the core driver of industrial transformation and upgrading. It is an important factor in promoting its high -speed and efficient growth.

The textile and apparel industry unicorned animal company to the scenery technology, based on the new generation of information technology such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing, focusing on the textile industry Internet as the main line, empowering traditional industries transformation and upgrading, integrating resources in all aspects, breaking the form of old traditional manufacturing, and becoming a form of traditional manufacturing forms. Leading industry signs. Zhijing Technology covers the upper, middle -down and downstream industrial chain from raw materials to finished products and clothing manufacturing, and connects the entire industrial chain link to help it reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Among them, Baibu cuts from the circulation of finished cloth, connects a group of business and downstream small and medium -sized clothing manufacturers, and simplifies the process of finding cloth to solve the problem of finding cloth difficulties; The +SaaS system created by the SaaS system can quickly empower the weaving, printing and dyeing and other links, and use the AI ??-driven weaving factories to reduce the cost and increase efficiency, and promote the intelligent transformation of the textile and apparel industry.

Tiantong is flexible and efficiently organized and produced. One -stop type provides clothing brands with soft supply chain services from design to playing, large goods production, and promoting textile clothing and fast -moving capacity.

The number of households exceeds 200,000, of which 10,000 companies above designated size; the main business income of textile enterprises in the industrial cluster area accounts for more than 45%of the national textile industry’s main business income, the cluster economy has become an important part of the textile industry; The number of employment in the industry exceeds 8 million; the textile industry cluster plays an important role in steady growth and employment. Clusters of textile industry bases, fabric cities, knitted cities, and sweater town are also distributed in various parts of the country.


Through one -stop and intensive production design services, the overall efficiency and speed of the textile and apparel supply chain are improved, the digital transformation solutions of cluster are formed, and the Guangzhou textile and clothing industry will be transformed into a soft customization and small single -way anti -mode.

According to reports, the cluster has the characteristics of fast, good, provincial and other characteristics. The clothing version and production are inseparable from the procurement of fabrics. Relying on the advantages of the supply chain accumulated in the field of fabric circulation for many years, the rapid matching of fabrics, realizing the fabrics, and realizing the rapid matching of the fabrics, and achieving the rapid matching of the fabrics, and the rapid matching of the fabrics. Concentrated procurement can greatly reduce the cost of procurement of user ground material and improve the timeliness of procurement. Starting the Scenic Textile Intelligence Park, the spinning intelligence manufacturing is the leading industry, and the green park is established. It also cooperates with Xinjiang Aksu Textile Industry City (Development Zone) Management Committee to position Xinjiang’s largest textile industrial chain park. By integrating the technical advantages of Jingjing Technology, the various resource advantages of the industrial chain, and the advantages of regional resource, the complete industrial chain from raw materials to production, manufacturing and sales, and promoting the clusterization and digital intelligence development of the regional textile industry. The development of Taiwanization and clusterization has also become an important direction for the transformation and upgrading of my country’s textile and clothing industry. Editor in charge: KJ005.

"Luyi Spirit in Liaoning" is published and issued

"Luyi Spirit in Liaoning" is published and issued

  Xinhuanet, Shenyang, May 28 (Reporter Jiang Zhaochen) After more than a year of collecting materials and field interviews, the book "Luyi Spirit in Liaoning" written by the Liaoning Provincial Institute of Culture and Art is recently. Recently, Liaoning People’s Publishing House Published. As a comprehensive art school founded by the Communist Party of China during the Yan’an period, Lu Xun Art Literature Institute closely cooperated with the party’s central work, and created a performance performance such as the opera "White Hair Girl", the song "Nanni Bay", the Yang opera "Brothers and Sisters" and so on. A large number of outstanding literary and artistic works that are loved by the people have emerged with a large number of literary backbones that are active on the anti -Japanese front, and have made outstanding historical achievements for the victory of the Anti -Japanese War.

  After the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan, due to the needs of the revolution, "Lu Yi" set off from Yan’an and came to the northeast to take root and continue to carry out revolutionary art activities such as creation and performance. During this period, it was called "Northeast Luyi". "Northeast Luyi" also made important contributions during the war of liberation, especially the Northeast "land reform" period. From then on, Yan’an’s "Luyi Spirit" has been inspired by generations of literary workers to join the creative practice. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the "Northeast Luyi" was adapted and successively created the Northeast Music College and the Northeast Fine Arts School. Some of the "Northeast Luyi" drama workers joined the Northeast People’s Art Theater. Since then, these colleges and theaters have been expanded into Shenyang Conservatory of Music, Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, and Liaoning People’s Art Theater on the basis of their original basis.

  With the strong support of the Propaganda Department of the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Liaoning Provincial Cultural Group, the Liaoning Provincial Institute of Culture and Arts has specially planned the writing and publishing work of "Luyi Spirit in Liaoning". In order to better write the book "The Spirit of Lu Yi in Liaoning", the creative team invited experts such as Ji Xiaohua, Shenyang Conservatory of Music, Researcher Wang Hong, Shenyang Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, and researcher Bai Changqing of Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences to hold lectures.

He also went to Liaoning People’s Art Theater, Shenyang Conservatory of Music, Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, Liaoning Writers Association and other units to find information. At the same time, the writing group also went to the former site of the Lu Xun Academy of Arts to investigate and investigate, conduct oral records of old artists, and fully understand the history of "Lu Yi".

  "Lu Yi Spirit in Liaoning" 400,000 words and 200 pictures.

After the book focuses on the victory of the Anti -Japanese War in 1945, Yan’an Luyi moved to a period of history to collect and organize a period of history after the movement of the Northeast to run school. A series of historical development and evolution, comprehensively summarized the achievements of "Lu Yi" in Liaoning, and analyzed and discussed the representative works of artists who inherited the "Lu Yi" spirit in Liaoning.

This book is not only a systematic sorting out of the experience of "Luyi", but also a concentrated research and discussion of the dissemination and inheritance of the "Luyi Spirit" in Liaoning’s art business. +1.

Why should jujube core stuck the esophagus?

Why should jujube core stuck the esophagus?

  The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, and various flavors of rice dumplings have appeared in major supermarkets.

Eating dumplings in the Dragon Boat Festival is the traditional custom of my country. Among them, the dumplings of jujube filling are one of the classic formulas.

The sweet jujube with soft flavor glutinous rice, and the fragrance of rice leaves, the taste is wonderful. However, if you accidentally swallow the jujube core and stuck the esophagus, please go to the hospital in time. Doctors may have to take out foreign objects for patients with general anesthesia.

Some patients have some resistance to all the numbness, but this is necessary, let’s talk about the reason below. The two ends of the dates are very sharp, and the human throat and esophagus are soft. The state of stuck jujube is basically stunned in the esophagus wall and across the esophagus.

If you try to squeeze the dates down with other foods such as swallowing buns and rice, it is likely to deepen and stretch the scars of the esophagus.

Therefore, it is recommended that patients with a jujube core stuck in the esophagus rush to the hospital as soon as possible, and take it out of the doctor of the Department of ENT or Gastrointestinal Medicine. Why does the jujube nucleus need to be anesthesia? For example, everyone who has done ordinary gastroscopy or laryngeal mirror knows that when the mirror body passes through the throat, there will be a strong sense of nausea and vomiting. damage.

In addition, there are many important large blood vessels near the esophagus. The lower part is approaching the heart. If the dates are pierced to penetrate the esophagus and hurt the large heart blood vessels, major bleeding will occur and even life -threatening. Therefore, in order to ensure the safe and stable process of removing foreign bodies, patients need to accept general anesthesia. Before anesthesia, patients should fast for 8 hours to ensure the stomach empty. This can reduce the risk of food residues in the stomach in the stomach after full anesthesia and the risk of pneumonia into the trachea. In the process of conventional anesthesia, anesthesia doctors will connect blood pressure, electrocardiogram, and finger oxygen (wearing a small silicone sleeve on the fingers), and then wear oxygen masks to inhale oxygen. Patients need to take a few deep breaths to ensure that there is a relatively high concentration of oxygen in the lungs.

At this time, the anesthesiologist gives the anesthetic by infusion. After the anesthetic takes effect, the doctor can start operating the jujube nucleus.

  If the jujube nucleus does not stab the esophagus or stomach, the patient wakes up for two hours and wait for the swallowing function to be completely recovered. There is no obvious nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. Mainly liquid food to avoid re -bleeding from food heat and strong; if the damage is severe, you need to be hospitalized to observe, or oral antibiotics and hemostatic drugs.

  The festival is approaching. It is recommended that you pay attention to safety when you include rice dumplings and remove the jujube nucleus in advance.

If you buy rice dumplings outside, you should chew slowly when eating to avoid foreign bodies such as jujube nucleus invading the esophagus and airway.

(Duan Yi, anesthesiologist at Tsinghua Chang Gung Hospital, Tsinghua University).

"Kom op quanzhou!" Multi-Country Envoy in China Gebruik Chinees voor Quanzhou "Invasation"

"Kom op quanzhou!" Multi-Country Envoy in China Gebruik Chinees voor Quanzhou "Invasation"

People’s Network Fuzhou 21 juli (Lin Xiaoli, Wei Pengfei) Wat is Quanzhou? Er is een puppetspel, Garanda en Nanyin; er is Anping Bridge, Kaiyuan Temple en West Street; er is een palm, gebakken agarvlees en vlees … Quanzhou is schilderachtig.

De oude man in de Yunshan Yue Road, de stad Wel, staat bekend als "de eerste grootste haven van het oosten".

Quanzhou is "nieuwe golf". Als het kerngebied van de 21ste eeuw wordt verwacht dat zij aan boord van de kans op het gebied van de wereldplank, die voor Quanzhou wordt geplaatst.

Onlangs werd de 44e Werelderfgoedconferentie gehouden in Fuzhou, Fujian Province.

Op deze conferentie, "Quanzhou: Song Yuan China World Ocean Trade Center" -project ingediend bij de Algemene Vergadering. Aan de vooravond van de Algemene Vergadering is de multinationale invoer van China Fujian ingevoerd om de lokale economische en sociale ontwikkeling te begrijpen en heeft deelgenomen aan de openingsceremonie van de 44e werelderfgoedconferentie.

Op de achtste China heeft het station in China Chinees gebruikt om in Quanzhou te "impat".

(Editor: Lin Dongxiao, Zhong Xia Liuhua) Delen Laat meer mensen klantdownloads zien.

"China) Urban Academic Year Association · 2021" Announcement (No. 2)

"China) Urban Academic Year Association · 2021" Announcement (No. 2)

Published: 2021-10-2711: 15 Source: How to do, guiding ideology with Xi Jinping’s new era of Chinese characteristics, in-depth implementation of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of 19 and 19th, Sanzhong, Four The spirit of the Five-CPC Plenary, the history of the party, the understanding of the idea, do practical things, open a new bureau, based on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, build new development patterns, and promote high quality development, and help build a common prosperity area. Second, the conference theme city high quality development and common prosperous three, meeting place Time 2021, October 29th, 30 (Friday, Saturday) Fif, Meeting Information List 6, epidemic prevention and control According to the provincial and city’s epidemic prevention and control work, experts, representatives, online participation in the epidemic situation.

During the annual meeting, participants need to cooperate with the meeting, 2 yards (health code + 14 days munction code), body temperature measurement, etc. Wear a mask. The 16th floor of Hangzhou Chengjing Center Building sets a site nucleic acid detection point, providing services for foreign guests and participants in need of nucleic acid detection. (China) Urban Academic Year Organizing Committee October 26, 2021 Author: Editor: Chen Jun male.

How about the new diving kimchi water? Is the new diving kimchi water healthy?

How about the new diving kimchi water? Is the new diving kimchi water healthy?

Diving kimchi is a side dish that many friends like, but many friends do not know how to do it. The following editors introduce you to the new diving kimchi water. The kimchi water seems to be a modified kimchi water, which is 0 fat, 0 pigments, 0 additives, and because it is fast -food kimchi water, the friends do not need to worry about the problem of nitrite, and you can rest assured. It only takes 30 minutes to quickly make kimchi. The key is that its taste is wonderful. It not only meets the requirements of my mother’s taste, but also meets my mother’s health requirements.

The reason why the newly -diving kimchi water is chosen because it is more convenient and does not need to prepare a variety of kimchi auxiliary ingredients. As long as there is vegetables, there are new diving kimchi water, mix the two together , Xiaobai loves this fool -style operation. It can make many vegetables such as celery, cucumber, lettuce, onion, sweet peppers, and cabbage. It will not be greasy according to your preferences.

Is the new diving kimchi water healthy? Xinfan diving kimchi water is not used. The soaked is in 30 minutes. The radish is soaked. The taste is the flavor of Sichuan kimchi.

The point is its taste. Unlike we eat vegetable salads, it is tasteless, nor does it mean that heavy salt is hot and spicy, and the taste is very refreshing and delicious. The vegetables are paired with this. Because the soaking time is short, it can save the freshness and nutrition of the vegetables well, and you don’t have to worry about the problem of nitrite, so whether it is an elderly, young people or human cubs, you can eat it with confidence.

The new diving kimchi water can be made of many vegetables, which are rich in selectivity. They often change the variety of vegetables and are not easy to get tired. Now I have been soaked in vegetables for a month, and it is not a meal, but if there is no vegetable cellulose or eaten too much for garbage food, I will use this new diving kimchi water to soak some fresh vegetables to add some fresh vegetables to supplement. a bit.