Chen Xi emphasized the study of the 19th National Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee in the Central Party School (the National Institute of Administration) to study the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party from the History of the Party.

  Xinhua News Agency, November 16th, China Party School (National Administrative College) held the second batch of second batch of training class in the autumn in the autumn of the 2021 semester on the 16th, the President of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee (President) Chen Xi (Dean) Attending and speaking, emphasizing the study and implementation of the Party’s 19th Sixth Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China as a major political task, constantly stimulating faith, enlightening wisdom, drawing power in the student science, and unite the party in Xi Jinping comrades as the core Around the central government, keep in mind the initial mission, take the responsibility of the times, and strive for greater glory for the party and the people. Chen Xi pointed out that the "resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the Party’s 100-year Struggle", which reviewed the adoption of the Plenary, is a Marxist Program of Historical Practice, Thought Leading, Political Mobilization, and Agera. Sexual literature, for promoting all party firm historical confidence, grasping historical law, strengthening history, and promoting the great 上海高级会所价格 cause of socialism with the new era with unified ideology, will and action, has a major practical significance and profound history.

  Chen Xi emphasized that we must deeply understand the glorious history, brilliant achievements, historical significance, historical experience of the party’s hundred years, and grasp the important requirements of history, and create future important requirements to transform the 上海哪里有水磨洗浴 actual action of the subjective world and objective world, always insist The party’s leadership, resolutely achieve the "two maintenance", always hover high ideological banner, believe in scientific theories, always firmly believe in the ideal belief, carry forward the spirit of struggle, take the new journey to join the new era of new era. Pudong, Jinggangshan, Yan’an Cadre College student participated in the opening ceremony through video conferencing systems. (Editor: Liu Yuanyuan, Song Meiqi).


Create a shameful waste savings proud atmosphere (Jintai line of sight) in the whole society

  "Catering waste, shocking, sad!" Xi Jinping, general secretary recently made important instructions to stop acts of catering waste, pointed out the need to strengthen legislation, strengthen supervision, to take effective measures to establish long-term mechanism, and resolutely stop the behavior catering waste, stressed the need to further strengthen publicity and education, and effectively cultivate the habit of saving, in the whole society to create a shameful waste, save pride atmosphere. "Static to self-cultivation, frugal and Germany to support." In traditional Chinese culture, hard work, thrift and not just the daily life habits, but also the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. After decades of rapid development, my country’s continuous development of social productive forces, the increasingly rich material, a general increase in people’s income. Economic development, increase revenue, but the hard work, thrift "heirloom" can not lose. Since the party of eighteen, from resolutely straighten out "wasted tongue", "table wine entertainment" and other outstanding problems cadres and the masses hated, to develop "party and government organs austerity combat waste regulations" from the start frugal and Germany to support National saving action, develop a healthy and civilized lifestyle, to launch a "CD action", cultivate new wind table, the party and the government has been advocating "strict economy and combat waste."

  At the same time, we must clearly see that in real life, a waste of behavior still exists. In the hotel restaurant, diners have been scattered, food untouched phenomenon is still rare; in the various banquets, the "To face" always stronger than the "belly", large quantities of food are thrown into the trash; in just the rise of the live line of business "eat broadcast" "big eaters" and other alternative attract a large number of fans live, eat, the more surprising the more able to attract the attention of the audience.

These waste, clearly at variance with what we advocate frugal culture. There are many causes of waste. Some are not 上海高端喝茶会所论坛 conservation awareness; some are blind competition, on ceremony; what is more, there is "I spent the money, I would be happy to waste and the" wrong ideas.

Ancient saying: "by the extravagance, from luxury to economy.

"If allowed to become over-consumption lifestyle, extravagant comparisons of adverse winds will gradually spread in the whole society, it is bound to affect the development 上海油压398飞机 of society.

  Shameful waste, saving society as a whole should be proud of the values ??pursued.

No matter what the level of our national development, improving people’s lives and to what extent, hard work, thrift fine tradition will never be lost, we must resolutely stop the behavior catering waste, effectively cultivate the habit of saving.

To take effective measures to establish long-term mechanism to stop catering waste, extravagance and waste purification, soil ideological competition extravagant show off their wealth, so thrift internalized in the heart, outside of the line. (Editor: Jiang fruit, Yang Xiaonuo).


Harbin Shangzhi Municipal People’s Government Department Dynamic [Municipal Agricultural Rural Area] Municipal Agricultural Rural Areas held a central cadres competition of the Agricultural Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade

In order to further strengthen the construction of talent team, broaden the selection of people’s channels, stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of cadres employees, and effectively improve the overall quality and structure of the cadres, November 13, the Municipal Agricultural Rural Areas held the integrated administrative law enforcement brigade Middle Cadre competition The conference, deploying middle-level position competition work, calling on all 上海喝茶交流群 employees to actively participate in competition. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission participated in the meeting.

The main purpose of the meeting is to further optimize the structure of agricultural administrative 上海油压服务论坛 law enforcement cadres, stimulate the energetic force of the cadres, and conduct competency and office director to open a job. The person in charge of the agricultural rural bureau emphasizes that comrades to encourage competition and eligible comrades to actively participate in competition and actively support competitors to participate in competition; second to properly treat themselves, treat themselves correctly, treat fame and fortune correctly, and exercise power correctly Third, it is necessary to strict procedures, strengthen supervision, and ensure that competition work can fully reflect the principle of "open, equal, competition, and optimism". In competition, the development of cooperation, strive to build a vibrant, reasonable structure, solid, hard work Dedicated agricultural scientific research team, making 上海各区工作室外卖 science and technology support for the rapid development of modern agriculture. (Source: Shangzhi City Information Center).


Harassing the phone for ai, or "real person"

Hello, I am your mobile consultant, the game invites you to do beta, your water purifier filter is changed, and there is a chance to participate in the double 11 discount, these listen to the sound and sweet, the temperature is soft, the phone is not From the human mouth, but the intelligent chat of the synthesis of AI (artificial intelligence).

According to this report, AI smart call has become the main force of harassment. Because it is thousands of times, it will never seal, spend money to mark, accurately find customers, etc., compare traditional harassment, more deceptive and targeted . Over the years, harassing the phone has greatly interfered with the life of the public, and has already arrived at the point of everyone. With the changes in combating strength and means, the real person of the phone has turned pace with the times into a robot. Due to the blessing of artificial intelligence technology, the harassment phone continues to make unscrupulously, and the cost is lower, the excellent exception is higher. Ai harassment phone can not only achieve thousands of calls, but also to find customers, bypassing the tag of mobile phone housekeepers, which is born, and also hiring fraud, stealing personal privacy.

The frequency of the user is rumored, but the one who does not help but says, the user’s own shielding method, such as pull black, marking, housekeeper to intercept, etc. .

In addition to making users not disturb, some AI mobile consultants may also lure players to recharge, and then implant the Trojan virus on mobile phones, pull the public into the scam. Harassing the phone update, the user has no good night.

Harassing the phone put on the vest of AI, essence or advertising sales, behind it is still a real person.

Dealing with the AI ??version of the harassment phone, there is no doubt that the AI ??version of the interception technology, but it is more necessary to deal with the traditional harassment call. It is the person behind the interest chain: Take a look at the front of the user’s complaints. AI harassment call from the front of the phone from Who is the product and service of selling in sales; who is using the AI ??robot’s excellent call system in high-frequency violations, let the smart voice have no echoes in the user’s ear; who is selling users mobile phone number and other privacy Information, let Ai imported phone data so rich & hellip; & hellip; these companies and responsible people have surfaced, which is good at harassing robots will automatically disappear.

Even if the harassment is invisible, it is not so easy, but strengthening the governance, strict supervision, and controlling the harassment calls that may sound at any time, is it so difficult? A more similar reason is that more points of 上海自带工作室女 punishment will be less exclaimed.

To harass the phone for AI, rectification should also be upgraded accordingly.

The original neutral AI technology is abused by the electric sales industry, and the user’s deep evil pain is not considerable.

This makes people think that the birth of any new science and technology, including AI, is to bring convenience to most public, and should not be a 上海美女品茶微信 small number of black products.

From this perspective, governance AI harassment phone, meaning is not only the user’s ear, anti-new telecom fraud, and is also the abuse of AI technology and maintaining the benign ecology of technology.

(Original title: harassing the phone for ai, or the real person is a harassment phone main labor intelligence should not be abused) Source: Beijing Evening News | Commentator Sinya Process Editor: U025 Copyright Notice: Text copyright is owned by Beijing News Group, no Licensed, no reprint or adaptation.


China Russia "Northeast – Far East" cooperation shows vitality

Original title: China and Russian "Northeast-Far East" cooperation showed vitality recently, the second 2015th regular meeting meeting of China and Russia pointed out that the Heihe River-Bragovsk Road Bridge was jointly opened to traffic, implement cross-black river (Amur River) Cable construction project.

  After the completion of the ropeway across the Black Longjiang (Amur), the people in the two places can reach the opposite side.These projects are the surge in the construction of China and Russia cross-border transportation facilities.China ‘s Northeast China and the Russian Far East (Sino-Russian "Northeast-Far East") cooperation are welcoming new development opportunities, in order to deepen the injectivity of the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Russia.The smooth person’s goods passage Russian Far East Development Company has recently released the news, according to the design plan, cross the Dark Longjiang (Amur River) ropeway is 973 meters, including 4 lines.Russia will also build a series of supporting facilities such as cultural event platforms and business exchange areas.

Russia Amur Governor Ollov said that after the project is run, the climate environment will overcome the restriction of the port transport, effectively alleviate the pressure of port transport, and greatly improve the efficiency of passengers, promote the interconnection of both parties, and deepen the Russian Far East Region. Cooperation in Northeast China.

  In recent years, the construction of cross-border traffic facilities in China and Russia have achieved many results.

Heihe-Bragovsk Road Bridge is built, with an over-storage condition; cross-border railway bridge Tongjiang – The following Nings Bowen Bridge is expected to be completed this year; "Binhai No. 1" and "Binhai No. 2" International Transportation Channel Transport cooperation continues to carry out, "Binhai No. 2" will conduct a feasibility study of unmanned channels … These projects will further turn on logistics and personnel to deepen the establishment of Sino-Russia cooperation. "Rapid promotion of a series of major infrastructure construction in Russia, which helps bilateral economic and trade more convenient." Tymmonev, Associate Professor, Associate Professor, Russian People’s Friendship University, said that there is an improvement in infrastructure interconnection between Russia in China. It will significantly reduce the transportation time and cost of the two bdages, release the potential of Russia "Far East – Northeast" cooperation and drive the development of Russia.

  Russia’s first deputy director of the Foreign Economy Bank said that the bank is considering infrastructure projects such as investment in Russia. He believes that the improvement in traffic conditions will help Russia and Northeast China will further strengthen economic and trade cooperation, expand investment, and both parties will be broader. Common development in 2020, the Russian government approved the national planning of the Far East.

Planning will be implemented in three phases of 2035 to accelerate economic and social development, and improve the living standards of the Far East residents. Alexander Kazlov, the former Minister of Far East and Arctic 上海贵族宝贝交流群 Development, said that Russian "Far East-Northeast" cooperation in road and bridge construction, energy, Arctic waterway, industry, and agricultural and forestry, the project has advanced smoothly. Tymmonev said that the Russian government has established a related mechanism to attract domestic and foreign investments and support export-oriented industries in the Far East, attracting a large number of foreign 上海干磨水磨一条街 investments including China through a series of preferential measures.

Relying on Russian cross-border road bridges and railway bridges, Russia also plans to build transportation, logistics complexes, and tourism facilities, and carry out more cooperation projects with China, and promote faster development. Two months ago, three projects in Suifen River in Heilongjiang Safe Training Zone, China, were concentrated in the three projects involving Russian products: imported Russian high-quality flour, honey and other agricultural products used in developing food processing industries, imported mistletoe, windproof, and Astragalus. Imported Russian wood for production of furniture.

Not long ago, Heilongjiang Province will further improve the cooperative carrying capacity of Russia, and build the "Cloud" comprehensive service platform for cooperation between Russia, and build cross-border industrial chain and industrial aggregation belt.

  Heilongjiang Free Trade Zone was established in 2019, covering Harbin, Heihe and Suifen River, and the last two districts are located in the Sino-Russian border area. In the view of the Russian Ambassador to China, the unique geographical location of the Heilongjiang self-trade zone, with the Russian party, helping to attract more companies in the two countries to settle in.

The infrastructure construction within the framework of the self-trade zone will provide new opportunities for the strengthening of cooperation between companies, and will also promote cooperation in Russia in science and technology, agriculture, finance and trade.

  Pragmatic cooperation has great potential in Suifenhe borders in the Russian Bohai Border Area.

In the Igal market in Suifenhe, Russia chocolate, beer, flour and other items are filled with shelves, merchants, and couriers are busy packaging, delivery, and a sight of the world. Zhao Fenliang, which operates imported business, is mainly sold Russian food, "" like Russian wheat bran, cornflakes, etc., is selling well in the Chinese market. "

  Walking on the streets of Suifen River, you can see the Chinese and Russian double-language plaque everywhere.

A vehicle full of Russian goods is out of the Suifen River and went to China. 10 months ago, only 10,000 tons of Russian agricultural and sideline products were imported in the port of the Suifen River, which was greatly improved in previous years.

Harbin, Changchun, Suifen River and other northeast cities established cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test areas, and related preferential policies have driven cross-border cooperation between China and Russia. China Customs Director data shows that January-November 2020, the Sino-Russian bilateral trade has approximately $ 97.4 billion.

China Medical Devices, Electronics, and Textile Products Growth on Russian Exports, Natural Gas, Iron ore and other bulk commodities have grown rapidly from Russia imports. The import of the Russian agricultural products continued to maintain two digits, the price of soybeans increased, Russia frozen and ice beef were approved to China.

E-commerce, service trade, and China-European class development potential more highly high in the prevention and control period.

  The Russian Vice Premier and the President of the Far East Federal District Direct Representative Trunf said that China is an important partner in the Russian Far East, and the Russian side will further strengthen the interconnection of the Internet and promote the "Far East – Northeast" cooperation. Positive results. Zhang Hanhui, the Chinese Ambassador in Russia, said that despite the influence of the epidemic, the fundamental of Sino-Russian economic and trade cooperation remains overall, showing strong toughness and development potential, showing the bilateral trade momentum, the structure is increasing, and economic and technological cooperation continues to advance , Local cooperation shows a highlight of vitality. The two countries have huge potential in energy, agriculture, digital economy, and the prospects are optimistic.

I believe in 2021 Sino-Russian economic and trade cooperation will achieve more fruitful results. (This newspaper Moscow is on January 7th).


Changchun City Innovation Financing Service Helps Pu Hui Finance

It is worth paying attention to the "living mortgage" financing products in Jilin Bank, focusing on insurance improving schemes.


Insurance increase is an important business content of the insurance institution.

It has a lot of forms, such as direct insurance for loan compliance, or property insurance for the collateral involved in the loan project, which is greatly helpful for solving the loan threshold and the problem of loans.

At present, Changchun City already has a number of banks involved in this area. As of the end of June, the living mortgage loans of the city have been accumulated by hundreds of millions of dollars, which has increased by 100 million yuan in early year.

On the one hand, Changchun City has a new agricultural financial product to solve the financing problem of farmers; on the other 上海虹口品茶hand, it is also actively thinking about the difficulty of resolving development. Gu Xiao, the financial person in 上海419论坛 charge of Jinmate Folk Food Co., Ltd., Jilin Province, said that due to the influence of the epidemic, the sales volume of the company has fallen sharply, and it is unable to pay the supplier’s goods.

Through Changchun Rural Commercial Bank "micro-loan work", they found out.

Gu Xiao: A total of 29 million loans through the "micro-loan workshop", and the loan speed is particularly fast, only three or four days.

With this loan spent this difficulty.


App revision from really happy to see the new trend of new retail Internet

In the survey, please wait. If no response for a long time, please refresh the page after this era epidemic, support the growth of consumer upgrades become a retail force new cycle. With bottomed out in October National Day of consumption, domestic consumer demand to further rise, retail contrarian growth. Recently, the United States moves frequently, from hosting major shareholder of strategic assets, to build a full retail eco-sharing platform, to "really happy" App revision trial operation, to create "buy" + "music" two sections. Along with the continuous development of Internet electric business, the retail model reshaped the three elements of "people, goods, field", also continue to promote the advantages of combination of online and offline, to create a more efficient retail, which will also be an important new mission retail . In fact, as early as 2017 the United States on insight into the arrival of the new era of the full retail scene, focusing the user opens the family needs "home-life" strategy to expand the service areas of living family.

2021, entered a new stage of full development of the United States, through the ‘online and offline, supply chain, logistics, big data / cloud sharing and build a "six platform to build, to build a full retail eco-sharing platform.

  "The formation of the three focus: First, deep focus ‘home life’ market track; the second is to create a retail focus depth of integration of online and offline, home services; third is focused to build events, features list social platform entertainment content. "Fang Wei, vice president of Gome retail said. "Really happy" App is the first main battlefield of the United States retail, but also Lazi with entertainment strategy key technology and wisdom to create, but also the United States opened the first promoter of entertainment retail strategy, will also become a "family life" strategy upgrade backbone and pioneer.

  At present, the double loop as the background, the State made a number of excellent supply, the policy of expanding domestic demand. "In the face of retail structure under the new spending, new retail, new trends, it is the revision to upgrade and support policies favorable under the new leap in consumption and quality and upgrade background.

"Zhang Lijun, vice president of the China Chamber of Commerce said.

  Gome founder Huang Guangyu to reports, the new version of App should "professional buyers" good in a greater range of applications, platforms provide consumers and businesses with the success of the "professional buyers."

Music and fully integrated shopping, is "selling entertainment, entertainment, buy and share music" entertainment marketing model, relying on professional management of goods and services, to win the trust of consumers, the integration of marketing and entertainment by the whole scene, to enhance the consumer shopping experience and engagement. Under the information, intelligence technology evolution, new retail formats, the new model colorful, traditional retailers are upgrading in the direction of the smart retail replacement.

Executive vice president of the company really happy Ding Wei mentioned revision upgrade upgrade and purchase the music that is unveiled.

Around the "purchase", the application will elect a real selected goods in the mass of the whole category 宝山区419会所电话 of goods, the realization of the commodity upgrading; in order to protect the life cycle ticket goods, "really happy" strict choose the right shop, get through the whole link services, and service upgrades. Regulate the development of professional buyers, the retail industry upgrade requirements.

"Really happy" APP Chamber of Commerce and the Chinese leadership, open 10 brand representatives to develop "retail buyers choose products specifications" community standards, it will be the retail industry in the new market environment and technological conditions, a new urge buyers format specification standards of healthy development.

  "Add a guarantee for the sustainable development of the retail industry, is also looking forward to a good product, good service as the focus,上海贵族宝贝交流 improve the consumption environment, improve the user experience of consumption, to better serve Chinese family a better life, in order to promote domestic consumption of large circulation, promote economic development .

"Zhang Lijun said new entertainment era in which the moment, whether it is entertainment or fashion, are being remodeling. In the context of upgrading and economic era of digital consumer, to 90, to 00 after the new generation represented by the rapid rise began a new generation of mainstream consumer groups.

Their demand for more diversified entertainment content, personalized, prefer tailored to meet the unique needs of their own culture and entertainment products.

  In order to better fit the new entertainment era of youthful change, the new version of the application 上海龙凤网工作室 is re-build a new entertainment landscape, pushing the "music of the upgrade," and select the "match" this form. Ding Wei introduced, race, way of life is also the way of life. Do social entertainment / events / content platform, Handicap easier to initiate, broader participation, more sharing, wonderful start to a better life, achieve spiritual upgrade of the masses. In the upcoming "Double 11" Shopping Festival, "true happiness" will join the industry, the brand side, consumers, share and build more comprehensive "real election" "carefully selected" system, upgrading the quality of shopping ecosystem, meet people aspiration and demand a better life.

More experience, users will see. (Reporter Li Zheng Wei).


Come with the Chairman of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, talk about your expectations.

From September 1980, June 1983, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Changji Normal School Mathematics Major Mathematics; August 1983, June 1987, June 1987, June 1987, June 1987, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Changji Normal University Teacher 上海喝茶资源群Education Institute, Secretary, Secretary (herein: From September 1986, January 1987, Shaanxi Normal University’s college management training class was studied); from June 19上海喝茶场子 87, November 1991, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Changji Normal School, Juni Teachers School, Secretary (here, August 1988-1990 7 Month, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Party Committee Party School Economic Management Professional Studies); November 1991 to August 1992, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Personnel Department Assessment Appointment Deputy Director; from August 1993, November 1993, November 1993, November 1993, November 1993, November 1993, November 1993, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Party Committee Deputy Director of the Organization Department Cadre General; November 1993 to March 1998, Director of the Ministry of Intellectuals of 上海品茶资源网 the Party Committee of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region; March 1998 to October 1999, the Ministry of Organization Department of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Members (September 1999 to July 1999, the professional students of Xinjiang University in the job, master’s degree in economics); October 1999 to February 2005, Vice Minister, Party Organization Department, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region; 2005 2 Assembly from January 2008, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Deputy Secretary and Executive Committee; January 2008, June 2014, Vice-Chairman of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Government (herein: September 2008 to December 2008, national administration College-level cadres in the college, study; March 2009 to January 2011, the central party school graduate school law theory is a graduate student study; January 2012, May 2012, the US Harvard University Kennedy Government College Advanced Access Scholar ): From June 2014, the Party Committee of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Vice-Chairman of the District Government; October 2018 to May 2018, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Party Committee, Vice Chairman, Deputy Director of the District Government, Autonomous Region Education Work Committee (DESISE: November 2016 to January 2017, the Central Party School Economic New Regional Ministry Cadre Training Course Studying); September 2018 to September 2018, September 2018 September now, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, vice chairman of the district government, chairman of the agency; the 19th Central Alternate Committee, representative of the 17th National Congress. (Resume Source: Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Government Network).


Dubai Shibo China Hall two months have received more than 500,000 audiences.

Xinhua News Agency, on December 13th (Reporter Wu Yu) reporter learned from the 2020 Dubai World Expo China Pavilion in China, China Pavilion, Self-Dubai Expo opened on October 1 this year to November two months, China The accumulation of the accumulated reception of the audience more than 500,000, and became one of the most popular national museums of this Expo. The above information is the Vice President of the China International Trade Promotion Committee, 上海水磨spaand the general representative of the Chinese government of Dubai Shibo Zhang Shenfeng announced in the form of video speech in Shanghai. On the 9th, Sino-foreign persons jointly launched 2020 Dubai Shibo China Pavilion Shanghai Day.

Xinhua News Agency, Wu Yu, introduced that Dubai Shibo has opened, and the China Pavilion has the theme of "building a community of human fate – innovation and opportunities", through multi-exhibition show, online interactive experience, exciting economic and trade activities, introduction Building a "One Belt All Road" initiative to spread a wonderful Chinese story to the audience of the world. Shanghai Day activities are "innovation cooperation, number of digital transformation," in digital transformation, "focusing on the achievement and application results of Shanghai in science and technology innovation, digital transformation, and promoting China and foreign companies to expand exchange and cooperation.

At the Shanghai event site, the audience conducted "Yun Tall" in China Pavilion in Dubai World through video connection, and appreciated Shanghai enterprises.

2020 Dubai World Pavilion China Pavilion Shanghai Day event, the audience conducted "Yun Tube" on the China Pavilion.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Yu’s relying on the digital exhibition platform, the Shanghai International Trade Promotion Committee launched the "Cloud Exhibition" in China Pavilion Shanghai Day event, showing the practice of Shanghai in digital cities, smart urban construction and management, and Digital Technology Improvement of urban operators and citizens’ lives. 54 Shanghai Representative Science and Create Enterprises carry 296 new exhibits,上海哪里还有海选场子 involving artificial intelligence, biomedicine, new energy new materials and green environmental protection, mobile payment, fashion consumption and other fields. Affected by new coronal pneumonia, 2020 Dubai Expo was postponed, and the meeting will last 31 October 1 to 2022 this year.


Epidemic, Winter Olympics, "Black Technology" to help!(2)

Warm fluorescently lighters the influence of your epidemic, and the audience will have an impact on the game.

In order to make up for this regret, the State Stadium has a fluorescent stick 上海微信品茶 in 7,000 seats.This is not an ordinary fluorescent rod.

It is based on wireless group control technology, according to the contents of the staff in the cloud, let the fluorescent rods exhibit different lights.When there is a viewer, the audience can take the fluorescent stick in hand, so that the audience can form a good interaction between the game, increase the atmosphere of the venue.

When there is no viewer, these fluorescent rods are placed on the armrest, which can produce a variety of soft lights, showing the effect of the audience.According to the technical manager of the National Gymnasium Sports Show Team, even if there 上海实体海选 are not many admission audiences, as long as the spectators are more light, the athletes are more exciting, helping them improve their results.